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Susan De Chiara shares how to make your home yours.

Home is where the heart is, so they say. Susan De Chiara, an artist based in New Canaan, tells us how to make your home yours, from art pieces to seasonal decor, including where to find unique pieces to make your space feel as cozy-chic as it looks.

A decor blogger first, artist second, Susan founded the widely followed design blog back in 2009, The Zhush, which she still keeps up with today discussing interior design trends and styles. After 10 years of writing about design, she decided to “return to her roots” and start painting again. Finding her inspiration through things like nature, ancient myths, the human body, and meditation, her artwork is lovely and calming, like a breath of fresh (and very clean) air.

Here, we talked all things interior design.

ASHLEY: What is your specialty?

SUSAN: I would say my specialty is zhushing the final touches to a room. To “zhush” a room is to bring in all the little touches and details which help pull a final design together.

A: How can we make our home feel like our own, reflective of our personality?

S: Original art is one of the best ways to make your home your own. From a favorite color to inspiring places you’ve traveled, you can really express yourself through the art choices you make for your space. Art can tell a story about the homeowner’s tastes. When you surround yourself with the things and pieces that really speak to you, your home will convey a true sense of who you are.

A: Where can readers find unique pieces to make their space feel personalized?

S: There are so many great resources. My art on my site for starters! Available at Bespoke Designs in Westport and Behind The Hedge in Fairfield. Both shops also offer a plethora of chic home decor pieces. Locally and online, The Local Vault is a great source for vintage and unique pieces. I also love to peruse Etsy — it’s a great one-stop-shop for finding almost anything for your home.

A: What are the design trends for 2023?

S: Less cookie cutter style and more individualistic style will be a big theme this year. Think decorating with meaningful items and opting for your own taste over trends. I also think we’ll see a return to closed floor plans with a focus on cozier, smaller spaces.

A: How can we incorporate the “individual style” trend in a way that feels authentic to us?

S: You should think about your own tastes, likes, and even dislikes. From there, you can think of interesting and creative ways to incorporate these ideas into your homes. From coffee table books to colorful throw pillows to, of course, my favorite, original artwork, there are so many ways to let your personality shine through in your home.

You can find Susan’s original art on her website, suedechiaraart.com, where she has been creating art for the past five years.

IG: @zhush and @suedechiara

"Original art is one of the best ways to make your home your own. From a favorite color to inspiring places you’ve traveled, you can really express yourself through the art choices you make."

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