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HotSpring® of Dayton inspires residents to follow a local man’s legacy of healthy, sustainable living.

As the sun shines brightly and temperatures soar, July beckons us to embrace the outdoors and indulge in rejuvenating experiences. George Dalhamer, owner/operator of HotSpring® of Dayton, knows this better than anyone. Operating in Dayton since 1981, George’s business sells spas (also known as hot tubs), saunas, and grills - all designed to provide a sanctuary for unwinding and finding solace amidst the hustle of daily life.

When George opened his storeroom over 40 years ago, he was in the energy business. He wanted a spa himself and went to a showroom to ask about the energy efficiency. He was so impressed that he decided to switch his entire business model. Now he sells one line of spas - HotSpring.

“Within a year I had dropped everything else. I'm only satisfied with the best. And you can't have two of the best,” George says. “Because we’re exclusive with the manufacturer, they go the extra mile for us - which allows us to go the extra mile for our customers.”

Wellness has been a guiding principle for HotSpring of Dayton since the beginning. They carry some of the first spas on the market to pass the rigorous California Energy Commission Guidelines. They also boast innovative options - such as remote starts, treadmills and bicycles in the swim spas. George is passionate about creating a trusted space for people who are seeking to enhance their physical performance and looking to add recovery options into their homes and backyards. 

He explains, “I don't go to a third party to deliver. I don't go to a third party for servicing. I use people who work for me. We look at our customers as being part of our family. I'm proud to say we've got over 20,000 family members here in the Miami Valley.”

His first venture out of the world of spas was an easy step - saunas. Inspired by the health and wellness cultures of countries like Finland and Sweden, George invested in the Finnleo brand. Within that brand HotSpring carries a variety of options - steam, infrared, and combination (also with remote start options).

“It’s a chance to get that moment of Zen,” he says. “You get the detox, skin benefits, and cardiovascular benefit - but it’s really about that moment. In Europe, the whole family goes into the sauna together.”

More recently, George has been excited about the Traeger line of grills. Using wood pellets instead of gas means not only is the grilling process carbon neutral, but the organic veggies and pasture-raised burgers are cooked in a way that feels more intuitive for a wellness-minded family.

George shares, “I noticed once I started cooking strictly with wood pellets that the food actually tastes different. The exhaust of burning wood pellets is exactly the flavor you want without the aftertaste of propane. It’s cooking without all those toxins. And when the pellets burn down, you can simply use the ash as fertilizer.”

HotSpring of Dayton is a business - but it’s also the vision of George Dalhamer. Prioritizing the health and wellness of himself, and his neighbors, George provides the Dayton area opportunities to stay well and enjoy moments of quiet luxury.

HotSpring Awards:
Outstanding Sales and Service Award

Superior Consistency Award

2x Showroom Design Award

Locksin Thompson Global Dealer of the Year Award

HotSpring of Dayton

6100 Wilmington Pike, Dayton 

937.848.3366 |

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