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Wendy King Phillips - Interlude Home

Finding inspiration in nature.

Wendy King Phillips, Creative Director of Interlude Home, Muses on a Typical Day in the Life of her Design World and Why Fashion, Architecture and Global Culture are an Endless Source of Inspiration.  

People often ask me how I ended up in the design world.  I first started out in the fashion industry, with stints at Women’s Wear Daily and W Magazine. I realized that my love of fashion and style reflected well in interior and furniture design, and I moved on to my second act – which is now Interlude Home, a fashion-infused, modern home decor brand featuring sleek silhouettes and rich textures. But if I really think back, my love for interiors and furniture started long before.  When I was growing up I constantly redecorated my room, moving furniture around with abandon and loving every minute of it. When I met my husband Carl, CEO of Interlude Home, and I started traveling with him, I began to insert my opinion and slowly he started listening. I incorporate my love of fashion coalesced with my love of interior design in my role as Creative Director of the company. 

In imagining and creating our collections, I look to fashion, architecture and global culture for inspiration, and as I write I’m actually sitting in Hoi An, Vietnam. We arrived here after Bangkok, Siem Reap, Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi where we traveled with friends. It was a trip planned for March 2020 which was canceled when the world shut down and we finally made it. I’ve learned more on this trip than in all the years of history classes. The inspiration has been unreal, from the French Colonial architecture, Angkor Wat and the temples, the rocky islands of Ha Long Bay, the local craftsman, the habitat, I could go on and on.  I adore traveling the world and am so lucky it’s part of my job. Aside from my travels through Asia, when people ask me where I go for inspiration my answer always seems to be Paris, which really offers it all. The inspiration is endless, as are the croissants! 

Right now, we are preparing to debut one of Interlude Home's biggest launches to date.  Our new IH Naturals Collection will come out this April -- this new extensive collection will exude Interlude Home's signature contemporary style with a new casual, resort chic vibe. Design details include rattan, sisal, grass cloth and wood, along with a myriad of new finishes designed to work seamlessly with their overall aesthetic. A typical day for me starts with emails, usually something from my husband, Carl.  He’s up earlier than I am and is communicating with Asia. If I’m in the office, we have a creative team meeting where we review marketing plans, go over deadlines and always leave open time to brainstorm which is one of my favorite things to do. I always take time to look at fashion, interior and travel destinations for inspiration, talk to PR and Social teams, and check-in with the showrooms. If furniture samples have arrived, we go over them with a fine tooth comb and plan introductions. Then, it’s back to emails and follow-up. 

I think what Interlude Home does better than anyone is have a point of view and stick to it. We feature textured neutrals and believe in the calm sanctuary they provide. Secondly, we have an amazing Luxury Quick Ship program where you pick your upholstery style, pick a fabric and it’s out the door three weeks later. And, lastly, we design our furniture to go seamlessly with our upholstery so everything works beautifully together. We’re also known for our vast selection of dining chairs. 

We just worked on a really fun collaboration with Rayman Boozer that juxtaposed the neutrality of Interlude Home with Rayman’s signature vibrance. What I’m thinking about next is asking a handful of Interior Designers to design their favorite IH chair and showcase them in an art gallery. Then, of course, have a cocktail party “opening”! 


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