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Wentworth Gallery

Art with unique experiences accessible to all

Article by Ana Meyer

Photography by Provided & Aleksandra Florez Photography

Originally published in Morris City Lifestyle

When you think about a local hot spot, maybe your favorite café comes to mind. For me, it’s Wentworth Gallery, where the works of world-renowned modern, abstract, and cubist artists embrace you. Each unique piece tells its own story in a welcoming environment where you can chat with Maryanne like you’re old friends.

Maryanne, admittedly obsessed with art since childhood, has a Fine Arts degree and has been with Wentworth for 17 years. She’ll transport you to the world of these global artists with a simple conversation.

“Art is something that transcends nationality, countries, speaks a universal language,” she says.

I love Wentworth. A family-owned business, established in 1987 by Michael O'Mahony, and now run by his son Christian O'Mahony, carries a variety of international artists with locations in high-end malls and at Hard Rock Hotels. Michael, a smart, charismatic man, had a vision for what a gallery experience should be. He was a tall, tough guy with a strong Irish accent and felt that there was an intimidating feeling when you went into a Manhattan gallery. He would say, he was the type of guy that when he walked into a gallery, no one would talk to him. He believed, “Art should be accessible to everyone and a gallery should be welcoming to all.”

Wentworth carries prominent artists like Peter Max, Charles Fazzino, Paul Stanley of KISS, and Rick Allen of Def Leppard to name a few. They really get to know their clients. “Our collectors invite us into their homes,” says Maryanne. “This is art that you live with and pass down to your children. We get to know their families.”

They offer free delivery, hangings, and a personalized home show. “We bring pieces to your house, hold them up, and see if they work. If you love them, great! If not, we can make recommendations now that we’ve seen your home.” Maryanne commented.

At Wentworth’s Artist shows, you meet the artist and have your piece dedicated and personalized. They offer unique experiences with specific artists. For example, with Fazzino and Max, “We take our clients for a private tour of their studios in New York that includes dinner,” says Christian. “We aim to provide an unforgettable experience.”

Christian wants all Wentworth Galleries to have a special connection with their collectors and the artists that you can’t have anywhere else. He says that Rick Allen, who is a one arm drummer, gave a preconcert backstage tour of his custom designed drums, and Michael Godard, not only gave them a tour of his studio, but also brought them back to his house for a backyard BBQ in Las Vegas.

 “They’re not just my clients, they are my friends,” said Godard.

“We’ve had these amazing experiences through which clients have met and become friends,” says Maryanne, reflecting on one of her favorite aspects of these events. “Now, they plan things together for the next Wentworth trip!”

Maryanne’s advice on how to live your best life: “Find your inspiration. Find beauty in everyday things!”

And Christian’s advice: “Find what makes you happy. At the end that is the goal, is to find happiness. Choose to go into something that gives you a lot of happiness.”

Wentworth Gallery, art with unique experiences accessible to all.

  • Gallery Director, Maryanne Franlinger
  • Peter Max, Without Borders
  • Elena Bond, Forever New York
  • Rick Allen, Tom Petty
  • Rick Allen, Red White & Bloom
  • Rick Allen, Union Jack 2
  • Paul Stanley, Guitar 4
  • Michael Goddard, Gift of Love
  • Scott Fischer, MTG Meloku
  • Rick Allen, Jayne Bond