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Dreamy pastel skies make a dazzling setting

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A Woman of the West Welcomes You to Starry Nites Ranch

A 20-acre ranch retreat creating tranquil and extraordinary moments

Los Angeles cardiologist, Lisa Wright, M.D.,* was exhausted. In January 2021, COVID-19 cases were raging at her hospital. Emotionally and physically drained, she needed to lift her spirit and calm her soul. A weekend road trip might be the cure.

A quick internet search led her to Starry Nites Ranch in New Harmony. Loading into her SUV with her sister and three children, Lisa left LA traffic behind, crossing the desolate Nevada desert and then on into southern Utah. Arriving after dark, the entourage settled in for a sound night's sleep.  

Lisa arose first, and with coffee cup in hand, stepped on to the deck. Magic greeted her with the pristine and stunning view of the Kolob Fingers—a view one can only appreciate fully by leaving I-15. A cloud veil was just lifting from the cliffs, and a herd of deer walked pencil-like through the junipers for their morning drink. For Lisa, it was a "take your breath away" moment of tranquility.

Ranch owner, Mary Ronnow, and property manager, Paula Christie, are passionate about creating such moments for their guests. Mary comes from a long line of ranching families from Cedar City and Nevada, and she grew up on the hospitality of the west.

"My grandfather, Dan Ronnow, was the sheriff of Pioche, Nevada, when it truly was the wild west. They say he never carried a gun. He was just honest, fair and kind. People respected him immensely," Mary explains. Although she says ranching is in her DNA,” she admits the true care-takers of the grounds and livestock are the team of husbands, Kenneth Blazzard and Rob Christie.

Mary has a discerning eye for design and guest comfort.

"I wanted to maintain the integrity of the 30-year-old ranch house. We demolished some enclosures to open up the kitchen areas, added a bedroom and created a luxurious full bath on the main level. I incorporated restful, soft hues of nature in the luxury appointments of the décor.”

For Mary, the ranch represents possibilities. She adds, "It is the perfect location for women's groups, conferences, family reunions, kids' camps, yoga retreats, artist workshops and weddings. I want to create extraordinary moments that happen on ordinary days—moments that are joyful, energetic, and full of Western spirit."

Mary concludes, "If the breathtaking beauty and comfortable home of "Starry Nites Ranch" can ease the cares for someone like Lisa for even a moment, then we are successful."

*Name of individual has been changed to protect privacy.

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  • Paula Christie, property manager, and Mary Ronnow, owner of The Starry Nites Ranch
  • Mary welcomes you to Starry Nites Ranch
  • A herd of deer walk pencil-like across the dance floor
  • Spacious master bedroom with en suite bath
  • Dreamy pastel skies make a dazzling setting
  • Comfortable living room with big screen TV
  • A room with a view
  • Wide open spaces seen from above
  • Beautiful views from the modern kitchen
  • Plenty of room for a party
  • Privacy from neighbors
  • Perfect for showers, weddings and family celebrations
  • Lots of space to celebrate