WFH in Comfort and Style

A stylish and efficient home office make working (and studying) from home the best commute ever.

            We started the New Year with a new abbreviation: WFH. Thanks to spending most of the previous year sheltering-in-place, WFH, or Working From Home, is now in the lexicon for the ages. It’s so prevalent now that even the Wall Street Journal has used it in their headlines! In many homes, the kitchen table is now the classroom and the guest room is a brand-new home office. As you discover just how much value there is in eliminating stress from your commute, you just may decide never to go back to a regular office again.  

            Whether you run your own business or need focus for your job, working from home can pose many challenges. After spending a whole year in your house, you may have noticed just how inefficient, cluttered, or downright boring your home office has become. If the WFH system you initially set up led to jerry-rigged wiring hookups and haphazard filing systems now gone awry—not to mention the mismatched desk and chair—this is a situation that can and must be fixed, and the solution, it turns out, is fairly simple. A functional design strategy will accomplish this goal by not only keeping your coffee cup safely away from your electronics but help you do your job efficiently and with more enjoyment.

            The acquisition of new furnishings can feel more familiar and comfortable by keeping a few favorite personal items around which a new design inspiration can emerge. There are more stylish and elegant WFH options available than ever before! During a visit to the Fall Home Furnishings Market in High Point, NC last year, we discovered that WFH was the hottest category at the market with ample variety to make working from home memorable and effective for all. 

            Some essential WFH solutions of form and function take into consideration your lighting, working around others, and, of course, your personal style. Positioning your desk in front of a window will assure that your video calls are always crisp and clear. Although it is best to get the benefit of natural sunlight, having the right lamp will “layer” or supplement your lighting during seasonal shifts and for those occasional grey days. With so many options available you can find just the right base on a phenomenal table lamp or task lighting to fit any color scheme, personal interest, or hobby.

            Similarly, chair options are plentiful. Ergonomic chairs have a backrest that can be raised and lowered, as well as move forward and backward to eliminate strain from bending or reaching. If you are sitting for long hours in that chair, it’s worth it to make an investment in quality seating. While you may have had no choice of furnishings at the company office, with some help from a professional, you can find a stylish and comfortable WFH desk and matching chair that adjusts to the perfect height and makes a statement.

            If there are two adults working from the same room, a partition is a practical solution that gives a sense of privacy and improves sound and video quality. Consider a screen or room divider made of cork, fabric, or leather as an attractive background that will absorb some noise. Another benefit of a screen divider is to reflect light when it is not practical or possible for your desk to face a window.  In a homeschooling situation, small portable desk partitions on a large work table can help students concentrate better during independent study time, and still enable siblings to work together on projects.

            Are you ready to make your workspace more functional and beautiful? Now’s a great time to get in touch with a personal decorator from Michelle Jett Decorating Den Interiors. One of our professionals will come to your home for a free consultation to evaluate your living space and give you solutions that will thrill you. Visit online or call for an appointment at 951-444-5533.

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