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What a Gem

Ever since she was a little girl, Myranda North Molina has been obsessed with jewelry.

“I used to play dress-up and pretend I was a jewelry designer and salesgirl when I was 5 years old,” Molina says.

Over the years, Molina has never lost her passion for jewelry. She has worked in the jewelry industry for many years and is the co-owner of Christopher & Myranda Fine Diamonds in Chandler.

When Molina and her family moved into a house with basic finishes in Fulton Ranch, she was inspired to use her love of jewelry to help transform the home into a beautiful abode.

“When I started the project, I wanted people to know that my favorite color is ‘sparkle’ and that my theme is ‘penthouse glam/jewelry box,’” she says.

Working with several designers, artists, and companies, Molina has succeeded in transforming her family home into a gorgeous walk-in jewelry box.

“I wanted my home to tell a story about me, my life, who I am, and my journey. I wanted to shine, glitter, glam and with a unique feel of comfort and elegance,” Molina says, adding that it took about two years to finish the project, which involved every room in the home, along with rearranging walls and adding custom entryways.

“There are bright colors in each room, but it is also timeless because of the black and white tones. There are also different colors of metals throughout the home like one chandelier is yellow gold, another one is rose gold, and another one is silver because I love all of the beautiful tones of precious metals and designing jewelry, so I wanted to incorporate that in my home.” 

Molina also worked with her designers to create beautiful ceilings that would give the essence of a jewelry box when it was opened.  

“My friends say being in my home is like experiencing a trip down the rabbit hole like in Alice in Wonderland. They love to come over and just sit, drink wine, and relax.”

Molina loves sharing her unique home with others and hosting numerous gatherings a year, including festive parties for her son and daughter.

Molina says people sometimes ask her how she can have so many sparkling and beautiful items in a home she shares with kids.

As she has seen firsthand, her children have readily adapted to their sparkling surroundings.

“They say my colorful home is a cheerful place because of the art, wallpaper prints, and that crystal makes them feel so excited and cheerful.” 

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