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Meet Tony Benallo! Father, Business Owner, Coach, and Magician, Home-Grown Right Here in Arvada!

Article by Libby Furns

Photography by Scott LeBaron

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

How are you connected to the Arvada community?

I grew up in Arvada and graduated from Arvada West High School.  After graduating from the University of Northern Colorado, I moved back to Arvada, opened my mortgage company (Venture Financial) and started a family.  

The Arvada community has always been important to me.  This community of family, friends and school helped shape me specifically during my years of playing Arvada youth sports.  

While growing up, the Arvada community gave to me, and now, I feel it’s important to give back where I can.  I’m a donor at the University of Northern Colorado.  I’ve been involved in coaching youth sports programs including baseball and wrestling for over 20 years.  I volunteer for the Ralston Valley High School baseball program.  I donate to various youth sports programs each year through my companies, and I’ve organized an annual toy drive fundraiser for multiple foundations, including Children’s Hospital.  Children are our future and are especially important to me.


How would you describe your personality?

I stay really busy and that absolutely suits my personality.  I focus most of my energy on my family, my businesses, and helping out in my community.  I’m definitely not “a sit in one place” kind of guy! I am also somewhat of a free spirit, and I enjoy having fun and bringing out the humorous side of people.  

What are your guilty pleasures and simple pleasures?

Golfing! And working out, and traveling to new places around the world! What gives me the greatest pleasure, however, is simply socializing with my family and friends.  

What mantra guides you?

Work Hard, Play Hard, Enjoy Life to Its Fullest and Give Back Where You Can!

What top 5 qualities make you uniquely you?

*Through all these years of being in business, I’ve taken several personality tests, and it turns out… I really am a people person!  I enjoy helping people and seeing them happy and enjoying their lives!

*My sense of humor has served me well through the years.  Laughter makes my life better and more enjoyable, and I can find humor in just about any situation.  

*I make friends easily.  Most friends continue to be lifelong friends.  

*Socializing really is part of my DNA. I’ve been called “The Life of the Party” by more than a few people, and my wife tells me that I always have to be the last one to leave.

*I’ve been told that I perform the best card tricks in Arvada.

What are the various dimensions of your lifestyle? 

Athletic Side:  

While attending High School at Arvada West, I was a 2 time All-State Athlete in wrestling and baseball.  At UNC, I was a 2 time All-American with Honors in wrestling and baseball, a 3 time Academic All-American, and I was honored with a dual sport All-American Award.  After moving back to Arvada, I helped start the Youth Wrestling program at Arvada West High School and was voted Colorado Youth Wrestling Coach of the Year.

Coaching, working with young athletes, and sharing my own sports experiences, all bring me great joy.

It’s always nice when I hear back from my young athletes after they’ve moved on to college and have started their adult lives.

Family Side:

I’ve been married to my wife, Melissa, for 18 years and we have 2 boys.  Anthony is a freshman at Ralston Valley High School and Nico is a 7th grader at Drake Middle School.  Both boys participate in multiple sports here in Arvada and I’ve truly been blessed to help coach them through the years.  

Both my mom and dad still live in Arvada, and my 2 brothers are both businessmen in Arvada.  In fact, many of my extended family also live and work here in the Arvada area.

Work Side:

I opened Venture Financial over 20 years ago here in Arvada.  I truly appreciate the community support that I have experienced over the years.  Venture Financial has been able to close $100 million in loans annually utilizing all types of mortgage packages to fit the needs of our clients. 

I consider myself an entrepreneur at heart and I enjoy owning several other companies outside of my mortgage company. I’ve been involved in all aspects of real estate such as buying rental property, fixing flips, land investments, and commercial building investments.  My wife owns and runs a home staging company that is based in Arvada.  I’m also a partner in an Arvada based roofing company, HomeGuard Restoration. 

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