What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

Words of wisdom we can all learn from and maybe even relate!

What lessons learned from our experienced older selves can we learn from, if we know then what we know now? A few of our community members shared their wisdom with us and answered the simple question of “What advice would you give your younger self?”. Here are some great insights!

Angelique van der Made, VP Red Oyster USA  www.red-oyster.com

"I would advise my younger self to enter the world of entrepreneurship earlier. Take the step to be an entrepreneur. I feel I stayed too long in corporate roles while I knew in my gut that entrepreneurship was much more me."

Dr. Kate Coyle, Coyle Dentistry,  https://www.coyledentistry.com/

“I’d tell my younger self it was okay not to have my life mapped out. I had many interests and didn’t know which career path to take, so I ended up trying several different options. Exploring other avenues and discovering what I liked and didn’t like made me confident in my decision to pursue dentistry.”

Dr. MaryAnn Pladdys, Audiologist , https://www.drmaryannpladdys.com/

“Find something you love to do. Study hard, work hard, be the best you can be. Continue to learn to do new things, and change with the times. There will be bumps in the road that will seem to be devastatingly huge. Relax, take a breath, learn your lesson and move forward. Looking back, those bumps will appear to be very small!”

Dr. Tejal Ramaiya, PT, DPT, CSCS, Doctor of Physical Therapy, Body Moksha Physical Therapy, bodymoksha.com

“I would tell my younger self to ‘be confident and believe that you can’. Because of my upbringing, I learned to be resilient, deal with adversity, and developed the grit to achieve what I wanted. What I didn’t develop was self-confidence…and I feel that held me back from making decisions in my 20’s that would have allowed me to grow so much more personally and professionally. “

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