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What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

Words of wisdom we can all learn from and maybe even relate!

What lessons learned from our experienced older selves can we learn from, if we knew then what we know now? A few of our community members shared their wisdom with us and answered the simple question of “What advice would you give your younger self?”. Here are some great insights!

Jon Lamkin, Senior VP of Mortgage Lending,  

"10 Years ago the world was a much different place. I would tell myself the following:

1.       Continue to always go with your gut feeling and don’t ever back down from a challenge, if someone says you can’t do something show them you can.

2.       Remind yourself-daily everything you do might not affect your day-to-day life, but make sure you pay extra attention to those you love, since your actions could be destroying them to your oblivion."

James Sullivan, State Farm Agent, Millburn

“They say that time is money. I would tell myself that time is on your side. Don’t waste it. Take advantage of it. Take some risks. You will make mistakes. Learn from them. Find a mentor and listen to them. Start saving money now. Make it a priority and you will be very happy later in life. Make the most of your time. It goes quicker than you think. Enjoy it. “

Nick Castle, CEO, Castle Builders LLC,

“I was taught many old lessons from far away countries by great men like my father and grandfather. I paid tuition many times to learn other things of importance, and today I try to surround myself with like minded gentleman in order to continue to grow as a man, a father, and as a business owner. ‘Faith and fear cannot dwell under the same roof’ are the words of wisdom I would gift to my younger self today. To be fearless in pursuit of what sets my soul on fire and have faith that the results will be provided for me as long as I work my hardest and my intentions are pure."

Robert Northfield, Real Estate Broker,

“For a new agent starting in the business here are some of tips for them to create your own brand. Get people to recognize you using social media in all platforms and post about relevant topics and listings in the area. Volunteer to do open houses if you don’t have your own open house plan to do at least three open houses per month and follow up with the open house visitors. Dress to look the part as a professional and know your market. Have a great website and strong online presence for people to see you and know about you.”

  • Jon Lamkin, Senior Vice President
  • Nick Castle, CEO
  • James Sullivan, Agent
  • Robert Northfield, Real Estate Broker