What Ebenezer Scrooge can teach us about Financial Wellness

Mark Finke and his team of advisors talk about the money lessons we can learn from Scrooge.

Ah, my dear friends, gather 'round and lend an ear, for I, Ebenezer Scrooge, am here to speak of matters most grave, matters that concern your purses and pockets in the aftermath of the festive season. With the post-holiday bills descending upon you like the relentless visits of three ghostly spirits, your past, present, and future financial state may be less than robust. But fear not, for in the frigid winds of economic discontent, there lies an opportunity for transformation." - Ebenezer Scrooge. 

As we head into 2024, there is no better time to examine our "Financial Wellness" and see what we can learn from Mr. Scrooge. 

Practicing the fundamental aspects of personal financial management. 

Scrooge was undoubtedly good at counting his schillings, an excellent starting point for financial wellness. Budgeting, debt management, savings, investing, sound financial decision-making, and maintaining a personal balance sheet are all the core activities leading to financial wellness. Don't lose sleep if you don't have Ebenezer's knack for managing money. Advisors can help you sleep soundly with a solid financial foundation. Unfortunately, Ebenezer needed a few middle-of-the-night visits to jolt him past the basics. 

Having a proper relationship with money.

This is the heart of financial wellness and why many of us would benefit from a Scrooge-like transformation. Our relationship with money is typically formed at a very young age. These "money scripts" (The Financial Wisdom of Ebenezer Scrooge; Klontz, et al., 2006) often come from our parents' or grandparents' attitudes towards money. If our parents taught us money created problems, that we should fear running out of money, or that someone is always ready to take our money, then we tend to carry those faulty beliefs into adulthood. If left unaddressed, our internal money scripts often create stress, arguments, or unwanted outcomes. They can become like the heavy chains and lock box that Marley dragged around. 

Being a good steward of your money. 

Scrooge's Christmas morning awakening and change of heart was a welcomed transformation. Scrooge learned that money is the means to achieve the most important goals we set for ourselves and our loved ones. Scrooge could embrace the spirit of Christmas and alter his present and future by balancing his financial mindset, the relationships in his life, and the joy of sharing his outlook and riches to see good in his world.

Do you know why it took three different ghosts to transform Ebenezer Scrooge? Because talking about money is hard. It can be scary. But it can also be transformative. And it can start here. Text "Scrooge" to 314-597-1477 to receive a 2024 Financial Checklist and a short video (no ghosts were used in the making of this video).  For more information visit

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