What happened? Life happened.

What excuses do you use to put off planning for the future?

"It's better to offer no excuse than a bad one." -  George Washington

Getting back in shape, saving money, starting a new hobby. We are all working on those 2021 resolutions and self-improvements for the upcoming new year. Just about anything we do to begin the new year will HAVE to be better than whatever happened in 2020.  

Every January we talk to many clients who want to complete their will and estate plan. They begin to gather their information and then ... crickets. 

What happened? Life happened. 

Which one of the following excuses do you plan to use to put off planning for your future?  I bet we can come up with more excuses for you not to get your will done than you can. 

- It costs too much. That is not where I want to spend my money right now. 

- I don't have kids, so it is not really necessary. 

- I don't want to think about negative things like that. 

- I cannot decide who should be my kids’ guardians. 

- I am young and healthy. I can think about this later in life. 

- I don't own property or have any assets. 

- My family knows what I want. They will take care of me. 

- I am too busy. That can be something I tackle next year. 

One thing excuses accomplish is assure that your life will stay the same as it was yesterday. 

The reality is:

- Planning your will is actually not that expensive and is a very good investment into your future, not to mention the priceless peace of mind. 

- We get it. It is never a "good" time to think about death. However, the sooner you get it done the better. Check it off your list rather than having the burden dangling over your head. 

- Nobody wants to ever imagine their kids being raised by someone else. But do not leave that big decision up to a stranger. Your children deserve that tough decision to be made by you. 

- We can never anticipate what life will bring!

- Losing a loved one is very stressful. Do not burden your loved ones with difficult decisions while they are in the midst of grieving. 

- Work schedule too hard? We have that covered too. If you and your coworkers would like to have us come to your office, we are happy to do so. #willsatwork

We at LOVORN & OGLE are here for you. We are ready to team up and make 2021 the year you get this done. Let's make sure you, your children and family are taken care of. Give yourself some peace of mind, you deserve it. We are located at 507 E. Blanco Road. Call us at 830-331-2772.

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