What High-End Ski Equipment Care Looks Like

decades of experience, a passion for being the best, state of the art equipment & love of skiing

My memories of being a ski tech are a cherished connection to another time when free-heeling was called pinning. In those days, we used a stone grinder and a belt sander, edged with a file and waxed with an iron.

Nick & Melinda Turner have taken that classic ski shop, added decades of impassioned experience, installed state-of-the-art equipment, hired skilled seasoned staff, to create an experience that provides the absolute best boot fitting and ski tuning available and yet retains the feel of the days of old.

They have even converted an ancient soda bottle vending machine into a kegerator, and offer complimentary brew.

Ski Tuning

The Stone Grinder is automated and lovingly named the “Montana Snow Star”. After “blanking” the base, they apply their signature structure called “Cotton Mouth”, designed to create the best base performance for our local conditions. Both stages include an emulsion fluid that prevents edge rust.

Skis then move to the Edging Machine named “Crystal Edge”. The side and base are done simultaneously and since it is automated, you get the perfect bevel every time.

Finally, the skis move to the Infrared Waxing machine. The wax is applied first, then the machine travels back and forth across the skis, maintaining the perfect temperature to infuse the wax into the base.

Boot Fitting

The first “step” is onto the “Boot Doc” which does 3-D imaging and measuring of the foot to the millimeter.

The next “step” is onto the “Podo Scope” which measures weight distribution, arch height, and dorsal flexion (foot flexibility). Then they test shell fit with no liner to see how the shell matches the foot. 

Once the data is gathered, they work on the stock liner or build a custom liner for the boot. After the liner comes to the custom-molded Footbed which is a very technical process on its own merit. Finally, they apply “Posting Material” to support the arch to support the longevity of the custom fit.

Hi-Tech can still be Old School

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