What I Brought Back

Rowen and Raven Had a Summer Full of Travel and Adventure

Article by Rowen and Raven Steele

Photography by Candice Steele

Originally published in Boise Lifestyle

From Puerto Rico

This year, my family and I went to Puerto Rico. This was our first trip to the Caribbean, so we were excited about seeing the island. I had to go on three planes to get there, so it seemed like it was really far away. Luckily, my mom brought lots of snacks, some coloring and movies to watch on the iPad. One of my favorite parts of Old San Juan was all the pigeons that were in town. We went to a park that was full of them, and I got to feed them. I also got to fly a kite at the El Morro fort. Another little girl was nice enough to share her kite with me.

While exploring the city was fun, my favorite part of Puerto Rico was playing in the ocean and on the beach. This was my first time swimming in the ocean. The water was really warm, and the beaches had sand that was perfect for playing. My favorite beaches were Flamenco Beach on Culebra Island and Luquillo Beach.

5 Things I Learned

1. I learned new experiences are exciting. I made a pot out of clay on a pottery wheel at a small city market.

2. Trying new food is fun! I went on a food tour in Old San Juan and got to taste a bunch of new Puerto Rican foods.

3. I learned what an iguana was. They were all over the town of Old San Juan. I was always on the lookout for hidden iguanas.

4. While visiting Culebra Island, I learned about coconut trees. My uncle climbed a coconut tree and got me my very own coconut to eat.

5. I also learned that traveling with my aunt and uncle is really fun. They would chase us on the beach and make things from palm leaves.

From Stanley, Idaho

One of our camping trips took us to Stanley, Idaho. This was my family’s first trip to Stanley. The mountains there are really cool, and I had a great time playing outside. My cousins came with us, and we rode bikes and four wheelers together. We went camping just outside town, but there are hotels and cabins if you don’t want to camp.

My favorite place to play was Redfish Lake. There were lots of butterflies on the beach that I chased and cool rocks to collect. The best beach is by the Redfish Lake Lodge. There are places to buy food there along with watercraft rentals. If it is too crowded for you there, check out the North Shore Picnic Area.

5 Things I Loved

1. I got to cook my own s’more over the campfire. It took a while to learn to not burn the marshmallow, but it was still yummy.

2. I got to spend all afternoon playing on the beach at Redfish Lake. I brought my sand toys and got to make lots of sand castles and swim.

3. Seeing animals is one of the best parts of going on vacation. We stopped at the Sawtooth Fish Hatchery, and I got to see all sorts of baby fish swimming.

4. I went to a rustic hot spring for the first time and loved the warm water and playing with the rocks in the bottom of the river.

5. Going on vacation means getting to spend more time with my family. I especially love that I get to spend more time with my dad since he isn’t at work.  

Rowen and Raven had some help from blogger Candice Steele. To follow more of their travel adventures, follow them on Instagram, @CSGinger, or visit her website,

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