Fashion Forward

Chelci Schroeder believes fashion can do a world of good.

Chelci Schroeder began Wylder Trading Co. just a year ago, selling beautiful kimonos, unique patterns and styles, accessories and more. However, for Chelci, her fashion company doesn't just clothe women in original pieces that reflect their personality. She also addresses the less glamorous side to fashion such as sustainability, questionable sourcing, and working conditions.

Chelci is conscientious of the entire process, from start to finish, in the approach to her clothing line. She is the sole designer but works in partnership with artisans that hail from places like India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Often, the businesses are women-owned, or family owned and Chelci wants to honor their work. Not only that, but she often uses fabrics that were pre-loved and up-cycled with something called the 'kantha' stitch. 

This hand stitched method, that is centuries old in practice, is used on reclaimed silks or saris. The result is eclectic and unique pieces that have heart and a history. Chelci herself came from a background in social work with an emphasis on global programs, and healthcare consulting. She has traveled the globe for humanitarian work and cultural studies. Prior to starting her company, she worked with at-risk communities and health centers throughout the United States. Now, a married mother of two boys, she wanted to do something that could give her flexibility but also feed her creative side. 

Chelci believes in the power of style as expression. Her designs are boho crossed with a bit of western that are comfortable, versatile, and even adjustable, allowing you to wear the same item in various ways. Chelci says it's not about quantity but quality, that choosing what to wear can and should be done thoughtfully. 

Her designs like her business model are anything but 'fast fashion', embracing style as art and treasuring durable and timeless pieces. All this as well as keeping her fashion sense in line with her values. Chelci clearly takes joy in providing her customers with beautiful clothes with a traceable origin. Every order is wrapped with care, hoping that the recipient not only looks good but knows she can feel good about where her clothes came from.

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