What is Orangetheory Fitness?

Science Backed, Technology Tracked

Orangetheory is a 1-hour, full-body workout, focused on training endurance, strength and power. The three components of Orange Theory are the treadmill, rowers (use 80% or more of the muscles in your body) and floor strength exercises. 

OT uses heart rate-based interval training, which burns more calories post-workout than traditional exercises. When wearing their exclusive OTbeat heart rate monitors, members see real-time results displayed on large screens throughout the studio. Intensity is based on your own individual heart rate zones, making the workout effective for all fitness levels. To top it off, the certified coaches lead the workout to prevent you from over or under training.

Madison Senior, Head Coach, 4 years

"We focus on 5 heart rate zones.  The last three zones (green, orange and red) are the main zones that we focus on when working out.  The goal in each workout is to spend at least 12 minutes in one of these three zones, that’s when you get the maximum workout as well as the after-burn called EPOC (excess post oxygen consumption).  EPOC, enables you to rev up your metabolism, and in post workout refuel the lost oxygen stored up that you lost during your workout down to the cellular level."

Orangetheory cares more about than your weight on a scale.  Members share their lives with the coaches as well as other members.  Our members come in to relieve stress and forget about all of the worries of the world for that hour.  They walk out feeling renewed.

Crystal Hall, Member, 1.5 years

I'm a wife and mom of 2, and I got to the point where I could not use the excuse, "I just had a baby", any more.  I heard about Orangetheory and decided to try the free class.

I've been coming for about a year and a half and I have so much more energy throughout the day.  I can do more and not feel tired and I’m actually a better wife and mom because I’m able to give my family more. 

Since becoming a member, I've met so many amazing people that have turned into friends.  Joining Orangetheory has made a huge difference in my life.

Don’t Expect Routine Gym Workouts

Our energetic coaches will help you reach your personal fitness goals by providing options for all abilities and fitness levels. Our OTbeat heart rate monitors enable you to see personalized results in real-time so you know when to push harder, or scale back, in order to optimize your results.

Sign up for a free class at one of these 3 locations 

Smyrna - 678.539.9715

4495 W.Village Way, Smyrna GA 30080

Cumberland -  678.701.5510

3000 Windy Hill Rd. SE #156, Marietta GA 30067

Sandy Springs - 770.905.2600

5975 Roswell Rd. A113, Sandy Springs GA 30328

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