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What is the best way to achieve happy holiday pet boarding?

The experienced pet experts from K9 Resorts Energy Corridor give tips on having a great pet boarding experience.

Make sure your pawrents call early to book your vacation over the holidays because rooms go fast, and you want to avoid getting stuck in the dog house. I always nudge my pawrents laptops while they are trying to make their plans. 

Buster, Frequent Holiday Guest 

Get prepared to play all day and make a lot of new friends. Whether you do daycare like me or individual play like my brother, we always go home with our tails wagging. At K9 Resorts, playtime is fully included in the price of our stay. 

Max and Rosco, Playtime Loving Pets

Make sure you are up to date on all of your shots. Most places require rabies, distemper/parvo, and Bordetella. Go ahead and get your shots updated before you arrive; there are always extra cuddles if you have an owie. 

Roxie, Cuddles are My Currency 

Talk with your pawrents about how big you want your room. K9 Resorts offers luxury suites, executive suites, and compartment rooms. My humans like to ensure I am always extra comfy when they are gone. 

Bella, I am Not Spoiled – I am a Princess 

You can tour the dog hotel if your two-legged family is nervous about leaving. K9 Resorts offers tours every day of the week. Your family might be less sad if they meet the staff and see where you will have so much fun. 

Desmond, Always Ready for a Good Time