What Is Your Favorite Vacation Destination?

Kotor, Montenegro
"My favorite vacation was an 11-day Mediterranean cruise in 2016. Due to political unrest in Turkey, our cruise itinerary was changed and we ported in Kotor, Montenegro. I didn't expect to go there and I was so pleasantly surprised. The view pulling into the port was spectacular. We were surrounded by mountains and oceans similar to the Norwegian fjords. Its location on the Adriatic Sea makes it like the Caribbean for Europeans. The medieval stone city with winding streets and squares was not trampled with tourists which made this unplanned visit to Montenegro really stands out as one of the best places I have visited". - Don Metzger, Owner, Stonebridge Art Gallery

Marco Island, Florida
"As a small-business owner, I don’t get much time off. When I do, I head to Marco Island, Florida, with my wife to soak up the sunshine, relax, and visit with my siblings. We get out on the ocean, explore the farmer’s market, and visit the island’s protected burrowing owls. We splash in the pool, collect seashells with our grandkids, enjoy family meals, and make wonderful
memories." -- Gary O'Reilly, Owner, O'Reilly's Amish Furniture

Prudhoe, Alaska
"I am an avid long-distance motorcycle rider and I love to explore. For the past 22 years, a few buddies and I have completed backroad bike rides. This year we are in the planning stages of a 21+ day ride to Prudhoe Alaska. I say 21+ days because we are somewhat at the mercy of the weather. Flexibility, such as not being bound by hotel reservations, allows us to go around bad storms if needed. I enjoy these rides as we get to see so many interesting sites traveling the backroads versus riding on the interstate. Our last trip took us through 21 states and three Canadian provinces. I am looking forward to the challenge and camaraderie on this
ride!" -- Howard C. Roth, CPCU CIC LUTCF AIC AIS, Agency Principal / Capitol Insurance Services, LLC

Nikkō, Japan
"Our visit to Nikkō, Japan in January 2020 stands out as one of the best places I have visited (and luckily we returned home safely right before COVID affected the country). In Nikkō, we visited the Tōshō-gū Shrine; the final resting place of Tokugawa Ieyasu, the founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa Shogunate Tōshō-gū. One standout memory was the Crying Dragon painted on the ceiling in Honjido Hall. We attempted to create an echo in the hall but failed each time unless we stood directly underneath
the dragon’s mouth. It was truly amazing! We enjoyed meeting others in our tour group including couples from Australia and South Korea. For me, seeing the countryside of Japan is a memory I treasure." -- David Crabtree, President, Crabtree Benefits

Evergreen, Colorado
"A trip to Evergreen, Colorado remains a favorite for me. My wife and I went with three other couples to the Red Rocks Amphitheatre to attend the Red Rocks concert. We were able to go backstage and under the stage! The town vibes were amazing and the concert was really cool. The town itself was very laid-back and we were fortunate to see so many unique sights up
close including mountain rams. With the concert being our only planned event, we went to Walmart, purchased some inexpensive fishing poles and followed the fish downstream. It was super peaceful to be off the beaten path, not have any plans and relax with good friends." -- Cody Wheeler, State Farm® Insurance Agent

Barcelona, Spain
"We cruised Oceania Cruises® along the Mediterranean with stops in Italy, Greece, France and Spain. Barcelona was a huge surprise. I don’t know why I didn’t expect to enjoy it as much as I did, but I loved every minute of it! Everything about Barcelona was fantastic; the food, the architecture, the history and the most tourist-friendly people. I really enjoyed the Hop On - Hop Off Trolley in Barcelona. I plugged in my headphones, selected English as my language, and I was able to learn about the history of
Barcelona. It was the last port on the cruise and Barcelona certainly is a place I would love to revisit." -- Mindy Bledsoe, Owner, The Tailored Garage // The Tailored Closet

Lake Tahoe, Nevada
"I love to visit 30A for the summer yet my favorite vacation destination is Lake Tahoe. It is a short, beautiful and scenic drive from the Reno Airport. I am not a big skier but there is plenty to do in Lake Tahoe besides skiing - from dog sled riding and snowshoeing to casinos and spas. Surrounded by mountains and lakes, I find the views just so pretty and relaxing. I have stayed at both hotels and Airbnb’s and, while each was different, each experience has been great. I certainly look forward to going back to Lake
Tahoe soon." -- Lisa Culp Taylor, Owner, Lisa Culp Taylor, PARKS Realty

Maldives, Republic of Maldives

"My favorite vacation destination is Maldives, hands down! It is like no other island you have ever seen. It is absolutely beautiful. The water is perfect - you just want to get in it because you think it is good for your body. My words do not do justice to the beauty of the white sand beaches or how spectacular the sunsets are in the Maldives. It truly is, without a doubt, the most beautiful island vacation." -- Dale Budde, Owner, The Purple Butterfly

Tokyo and Sasebo, Japan (and maybe Sydney, Australia)
"Our son, Sam, is a U.S. Navy Special Ops Diver and has been stationed in Sasebo, Japan for three years. This year we are planning to fly to Tokyo, spend two or three days sightseeing and then rent a car and drive 14+ hours along the beautiful Japanese countryside from Tokyo to Sasebo. We will spend some much needed time with our son before we head back to Tokyo. We are considering traveling to Australia too since we will be halfway there! Seeing our son will make this the best vacation ever." -- Ruth Picha, Realtor®, Village Real Estate

Disney Cruise
"To me, the definition of a “favorite” vacation is one I would do again. I brought my grandchildren on The Disney Cruise previously and I am planning to take some additional grandchildren with me this year. Everything was top notch! There were so many great kids' activities available onboard that my grandchildren loved participating in. The security measures are top of the line so we felt safe leaving the grandchildren with the caring staff. This allowed the adults some free time to participate in the activities we wanted to do. We loved the excellent food, entertainment and the beach on Disney’s private island. For as many children there were
onboard, we never felt overrun. Both kids and adults had a great time!" -- Kristin Pendergraft, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Encore

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