What Makes a House a Home?

Wisdom From a West + Main Realtor

Article by Monty Montgomery

Photography by 2. Sean McNeil

Originally published in Arvada Lifestyle

Since this is the Home edition of Arvada Lifestyle, we set out to ask Arvada’s local realtors what it is that truly makes a house a home. Nicole Green is a realtor and broker associate with West + Maine Homes, and our conversation with her evolved into a question of what combination of elements makes a home our own.

Nicole says there are a couple of core components that lead us toward the “home sweet home” mentality: 1) the emotional response and comfort of a home and 2) the strength of the surrounding community. On the emotional side, a home is majorly defined by the inhabitants inside and how safe they feel living there. In this way, the community around you influences your comfort level. In a community as warm as Arvada, Nicole says her clientele of new couples, families, and pet-loving individuals are grateful to come home at the end of the day.

She adds that now more than ever, our homes are our sanctuaries. We’ve been within our four walls for so long that many have either moved or renovated their living spaces in some shape or form in the past couple of years, due to the ongoing pandemic and the lockdowns which have followed suit. More and more people are deciding to work out of their home offices full-time, so the home is even more of an outward expression of who we are. From the decorations and furniture we love to precious artwork and color schemes, the house is ultimately defined by the residents inside. Nicole remarks how this is why we get so thrilled to invite our loved ones over for holidays, birthdays, or the Super Bowl. These occasions give us a chance to provide yet another reflection of who we are to the people closest to us. 

In terms of the community, Nicole makes the point that with most of us spending less time out and about, people are increasingly looking to their neighbors and community for that connection. It is a touching experience to walk around your neighborhood and kindly wave at your neighbors, confident that you’re all keeping a friendly eye on each other and maintaining a cohesive community. 

As you all know, Arvada is an extremely tight-knit pocket of Colorado with a culture-rich hub in Olde Town Arvada. Nicole mentions how her clients typically love the parades, farmer’s markets in the summer, and welcoming holiday atmosphere in the winter. 

For West + Main Homes, whatever will help their clients function happily and efficiently is what they strive to deliver, whether that's a beautiful kitchen, a big yard, or a two-car garage. For realtors like Nicole, their job is not just to sell homes but to show families what a house could be. 

Regarding the vision for a home, Nicole says, “If the house has good bones, there’s always potential to make it your own. The important part is making memories and making it yours in the process.” As time passes and we settle into our homes, it’s apparent that the memories behind those front doors are what make a house a home. 

For inquiries regarding West + Main properties in Arvada and throughout Colorado, visit Nicole’s website at or contact her directly at (303) 990-2094.

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