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What to Know When Booking an Airbnb

Melissa Lentz, Owner of Bayside Concierge, Shares Seven Suggestions Everyone Should Know

Accommodations are an integral part of travel, and opting for services like Airbnb offers a distinctive experience. Unlike traditional hotels, Airbnb’s offer individualized stays crafted with care by hosts, promising a unique touch to your journey.

Understanding that each Airbnb property is distinct, with standards varying from one place to another, is crucial. For instance, while one property may welcome all pets, another might only allow documented service animals. Therefore, thoroughly reviewing the listing is imperative.

Though some descriptions may be extensive, essential details might elude you if you're unsure where to look. To ensure compliance and awareness of crucial aspects, here's a guide to scrutinizing every Airbnb listing, as recommended by hosts and frequent guests:

  1. Reviews Unveil Insights: The consensus among experts is to examine reviews from previous guests. While Airbnb provides a star rating for each property based on past evaluations, delving into guests' feedback offers deeper insights. Look for consistency in reviews; consistent complaints might indicate recurring issues like a malfunctioning shower or AC. Reviews often reveal positive aspects not listed by the host, such as scenic views or proximity to local attractions.
  2. WiFi Reliability: The availability and strength of WiFi can vary. While some guests might only need basic Internet for social media browsing, others may require robust connectivity for work or streaming. Confirming WiFi availability and strength for your needs is essential, as not all properties offer reliable Internet access.
  3. Privacy Concerns: Airbnb has strict rules regarding surveillance cameras on the property. While outdoor cameras are common and permitted, indoor cameras in private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms are prohibited. Guests should ensure transparency regarding camera usage for safety and privacy.
  4. Kitchen Facilities: Access to cooking facilities varies across Airbnbs. Whole-house rentals typically offer full kitchens, but shared accommodations may provide limited kitchen access. Checking the kitchen amenities beforehand prevents surprises like missing cookware or appliances.
  5. Cancellation Policies: Understanding the cancellation policy is crucial to avoid financial loss, especially during unforeseen circumstances like the COVID-19 pandemic. Each Airbnb owner sets their refund policy, ranging from flexible to non-refundable options.
  6. Parking Arrangements: Parking arrangements, especially in urban areas, require attention. Street parking regulations, availability of parking lots and additional costs should be considered to avoid inconvenience and extra expenses.
  7. Property-Specific Rules: Unlike standardized hotel policies, each Airbnb has unique rules outlined in the listing. Familiarizing yourself with these rules, such as quiet hours or additional charges, ensures a smooth stay and prevents misunderstandings with the host.

By conducting thorough research, guests can confidently select an Airbnb property that aligns with their preferences and enjoy the distinct experience it offers.


Melissa Lentz is the Founder and President of Your Bayside Concierge. With over 30 years experience in Customer Service, Melissa prides herself with putting “People First.” Growing up, Melissa spent many years with her mom at the beach. Her time living at the shore instilled in her a need to be involved with the community, caring for and supporting people, and helping them live better lives. The Concierge business was a dream that grew from this upbringing; and Melissa is excited to create a service that will help so many and put their minds at ease. When you need the best in vacation home property management and concierge services, look no further than YOUR Bayside Concierge.