What Was The Best Holiday Gift You Ever Received?

Five Residents Of Brookdale Senior Living - Franklin Share Their Most Memorable Holiday Gifts With Us

Article by Karen Creason

Photography by Evan Sabellico Photography

Originally published in Franklin Lifestyle


"My favorite holiday gift was a doll house made by my father and his good friend. It had two stories, two bedrooms, a bathroom, a staircase, and it was electrified. It had a lighted Christmas tree and working chandeliers in every room." 


"When I was in seventh grade, I received my favorite holiday gift - a portable hair dryer with a bonnet. I had very long and thick hair and it was wonderful that I could walk around while drying my hair. It was so cool back then."


"My best holiday gift was a hand-drawn picture by my granddaughter. She is so creative and talented! I cannot imagine how she draws like this but I love that she gave me these great drawings that I treasure."


"The best holiday gift I ever received was a bridal dress for my Nancy Lee Doll. This gift was even more special because my mother, who did not know how to sew, made this bridal dress for my doll. I was eight years old and I can still remember what the fabric felt like."


"When I was 5 years old I received a Madame Alexander doll. That was 85 years ago and I still have her! Each year for Christmas my mom would make clothes for her as a gift for me. I still have her little stockings and I still love to hold her."

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