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Carrabba's Troy

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What we love about Troy

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We’re a blended family with five children who inspire us to share stories that impact families like yours across our community. Our youngest is disabled, so we also understand the difficulties and delights of special-needs parenting.

A former reporter, Todd is a storyteller with decades of expertise in marketing, branding and PR. Margaret is an artist skilled at painting and baking, landscaping and gardening – and she has the crazy cool ability to tame wildlife. A breast cancer survivor and foster mom, Margaret loves the beach and being near the ocean. Todd loves being near Margaret. We both love being near fun, family-friendly things in and around Troy.

01 Cedar Grille Authentic Lebanese/Middle Eastern cuisine that’s absolutely fabulous. @cedargrille 02 Troy Aquatic Center The coolest place to cool off. @troyrecmi 03 Tous les Jours is an amazing Korean-French fusion bakery you can’t resist. @touslesjoursusa 04 Carrabba’s Italian Grill A celebration of life, love and oregano. @carrabbas 05 Somerset Collection What list would be complete without our own luxury mall? @somersetcollectionlive 06 Skyline Diamond Incredible custom design – and where we got our wedding rings! 07 And our other incredible shopping venue, Oakland Mall.

  • Cedar Grille
  • Troy Aquatic Center
  • Carrabba's Troy
  • Tous les Jours
  • Somerset Collection
  • Skyline Diamond