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What’s For Dinner?

(PLEASE PUT THIS UNDER THE HEADLINE ON PG. 1) There is no doubt that Arizona’s foodie scene is flourishing. No matter the type of food you desire or day of the week, you can treat your tastebuds to flavors from around the world at any one of the amazing restaurants we have in our own backyard. But what if you’re looking for a delicious meal without heading out for a night on the town?

(PLEASE PUT THIS UNDER THE IMAGE ON PG.1) Let these four Arizona-based cookery compendiums inspire you to embark on a culinary adventure through the Valley and beyond from the comfort of your own kitchen.

Peace, Love, and Pasta by Scott Conant

James Beard Award-winning chef Scott Conant is a familiar face on the Food Network. Thanks to two restaurants in the Valley - The Americano and Mora Italian - he’s a familiar face around town, too. In his latest cookbook - Peace, Love, and Pasta - he shares recipes from his own home kitchen. While the majority of recipes are Italian-inspired dishes, there is also a section on Turkish cuisine which Conant says he fell in love with thanks to his wife’s family heritage.

Must-Try Recipe: Pasta Pomodoro - it’s a classic Italian dish, but one Conant calls his “greatest hit.”

Phoenix Cooks: Recipes from the City’s Finest Chefs by Christina Barrueta

Award-winning food, beverage and travel writer Christina Barrueta has been a feature on the culinary scene for decades and her Instagram account - @WriteOnRubee - is one of the top Arizona foodie feeds on the platform. Her book is a collection of 98 recipes that showcases the diversity of cuisine and celebrates some of the best chefs, restaurants and mixologists across the Valley. These recipes are designed to be created at home, no matter your skill level in the kitchen.

Must-Try Recipe: The Southwest Hummus with Tahini Verde from Lobby Grill at the Arizona Grand.

Bianco: Pizza, Pasta, And Other Food I Like by Chris Bianco

Chris Bianco is a legendary pizzaiolo. His restaurants - Tratto, Pane Bianco, Pizzeria Bianco, and Bar Bianco - are must-visits in the Valley. And It’s been an exciting 2022 so far for Bianco: he recently opened a Pizzeria Bianco in Los Angeles, was the 2022 recipient of the prestigious James Bear Award for Outstanding Restauranteur, and he is a featured chef in the Netflix series "Chef's Table Pizza." His cookbook is packed with all the recipes you would expect, and he shares tips and tricks for perfecting his recipes at home.

Must-Try Recipe: Any of the pizzas that put Bianco on the map.

Taste of Tucson by Jackie Alpers

Mexican food is a staple cuisine no matter where you are in Arizona, but Jackie Alpers, a cookbook author, recipe developer and food photographer, spotlights Southern Arizona’s take on Sonoran-style Mexican cuisine in her cookbook Taste of Tucson. Featuring beautiful imagery and mouth-watering recipes, you’ll find inspired dishes from Alpers’ own kitchen and those from Tucsonian chefs and restaurants, as well. From pantry staples to classic dishes and delicious desserts, this cookbook has something to please everyone’s palate.

Must-Try Recipe: Caldo de Queso - a classic Sonoran-style soup featuring potatoes and cheese.