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Lose yourself in a book recommended by avid reader, Christa Hinton

"The Last Green Valley" by Mark T. Sullivan

This historical novel by Mark T. Sullivan is inspired by the true story of Emil and Adeline Martel, a German family living in Ukraine in 1944 during WWII. To escape Stalin’s forces, the family heads west with retreating German forces in pursuit of safety and freedom. Instead, Emil, Adeline and their children are caught between two warring forces, making for a treacherous escape fraught with seemingly insurmountable challenges. An inspirational read!

"Red Notice"A True Story of High Finance, Murder, and One Man’s Fight for Justice by Bill Browder

A real-life political thriller, this is the story of Bill Browder, American founder of the largest investment fund in Russia following the Soviet Union collapse. Bill successfully defends his holdings from oligarchs but is eventually expelled from the country by Vladimir Putin. Bill and his colleagues work to expose dangerous government corruption before fleeing Russia, with the exception of Serge Magnitsky, who is imprisoned and murdered, prompting Bill to begin a political crusade.

"Save Me the PlumsMy Gourmet Memoir" by Ruth Reichl

Ruth Reichl’s delightful memoir details her unexpected career change from celebrated chef and food critic to editor of Gourmet magazine in 1999. Ruth, who grew up reading Gourmet, transports readers back to her childhood through vivid details of her family life, and shares stories about the inner workings and relationships of the magazine, punctuating these with the most exquisite descriptions of delectable foods. Do not read this one on an empty stomach!

Breath: The New Science of a Lost Art by James Nestor

James Nestor shares a fascinating, in-depth look at the science of breath, warning readers that nothing they do to promote health will matter without correct breathing. Nestor shares a history of breath and takes readers along on his personal journey to research and improve his own breathing. He also provides practical examples and tutorials on achieving healthy breath. Readers are taught the anatomy of the “perfect breath” and learn about the dangers of “mouth breathing.”

About Christa Hinton

Christa is long-time southern Utah resident and an avid reader who loves connecting with others through books. In addition to working as operations and marketing manager at the law firm of Snow Jensen & Reece, she serves on the Santa Clara City Council. Christa holds a Master of Arts in professional communications from Southern Utah University and a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Utah Tech University. She and her husband have four children and two mini-schnauzers.

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