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Discover How to Create a Timeless Kitchen

When it comes to kitchen design, the team at Heart Kitchens prioritizes functionality and personalized design in their approach. Steve Niedzielski, owner and lead designer, and Francine DeMarco, design director, understand that a kitchen is not just about aesthetics; it’s about catering to the specific needs and habits of the people who use it. 

Before you start thinking about finishes, tiles and color, take a hard look at how you intend to use the space. It is a process that Niedzielski and DeMarco use to guide clients from the free one-hour consultation to the 3-D renderings that show how the kitchen will look through the execution of the final design. 

“This is a collaborative process,” Niedzielski says. “Once we understand how they live in their kitchen, we present them with options that they did not even know existed but will change their life.” 

Their focus on understanding how the space will be used and who uses it—from the number of people in the family to their cooking habits—is crucial to the process. By asking these questions, they can tailor the design to ensure that it not only looks amazing but also works seamlessly for the homeowners.

Their attention to detail—from measuring pot heights for efficient storage to considering lighting that complements the kitchen's colors—showcases a commitment to excellence. Countertop appliances are hidden with clever storage solutions, equipped with outlets, for a clean, accessible look that maximizes the space. Under- and in-cabinet lighting illuminates traditionally dark spaces in the kitchen. Plus, their emphasis on low-maintenance surfaces and easy-to-clean materials highlights their practicality in design. 

Their Somerset showroom serves as a resource for clients, offering a hands-on, interactive experience to visualize and select elements for their dream kitchen. “Our collaborative and meticulous approach has been geared toward creating kitchens that are both stunning and highly functional,” Niedzielski says.

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A kitchen is not just about aesthetics; it’s about catering to the needs and habits of those who use it.

  • Francine DeMarco, Steve Niedzielski and Gloria Solorzano
  • Gloria Solorzano, Francine DeMarco and Steve Niedzielski with employees Juan and Sam