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Brad & Elizabeth

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What's your Favorite Valentine's Day Memory?

Gallatin couples share their sweet stories of "togetherness."

Brad and Elizabeth Jones
Since 2007
Once when our children found out that we canceled our Valentine's Day dinner reservation, we were immediately instructed to meet in the dining room in our “fanciest” attire. We found a beautifully-decorated table, lit candles and a special dinner as a family!

Jeff and Mary Sesol
Since 1978
We were married at 19 (Mary) and 21 (Jeff). On Valentine’s Day in 1980, that was the day I asked Mary to marry me. Although I never quite got the words out before she started crying, she said yes!

Scott and Nicole Bell
Since 2016
In 2018, Scott told me to randomly pack a bag and he quietly drove us to the airport; we hopped in a small four-seater plane and he flew us to Asheville for a Biltmore Valentine’s getaway. I’ve been his co-pilot ever since that day!

Kaneisha & Brenda Dotson
Since 2017
In 2018, we set up a picnic in our home. We ate a catered meal, had dessert and talked for hours about our dreams for the future. That night we decided to start our business together as well and it’s been an amazing ride with my best friend! 

Chris and Payton Wright
Since 2015
Our very first Valentine’s Day, we had only been together for a few months but Chris pulled out all the stops to make it special. That night, I knew he was the one and that restaurant we were at ended up being where he proposed to me eight months later!

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