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Artwork centers the pallet on this fireplace along with rich wall color.

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What's Your Style?

Mastering the Art and Craft of Creating Home Interiors

Article by Loren Reid Seaman

Photography by Dan Ablan

Originally published in SW Lake Lifestyle

Refer to a dictionary for a definition of style and you’ll likely find something like this: “A distinctive appearance, typically determined by the principles according to which something is designed.”

When it comes to style, do you know how to define yours? Most people struggle with this.

One of the most common questions I am asked is “Loren, what’s your style?” I’ve realized people often ask me that question because they are not clear of their own style. They also may have preconceived notions that designers will impose a certain style or look to their home. It’s understandable that people have concerns about the end result which is why having an interior designer will help define your personal style.

So, the question really becomes, “Will you help me find my style by using your design experience, resources and talent so I know you’re the right interior designer for me?” The answer is “Yes, absolutely!” Here’s how clients and I make that happen.

Finding your style is a journey. We ask YOU to discover YOUR own style. You may label yourself as contemporary, traditional, transitional or minimalist, but I ask you to dive deeper. Go past these labels. Through some self-discovery and our expertise my clients are often surprised that their style isn’t what they thought it was. We have many ways to help you to zero in on the exact style that fits with you as in individual, as a couple or as a family. We encourage you to explore on Houzz, pin to a vision board on Pinterest, clip from magazines or go through a look book and let us see firsthand how you define your style, putting all labels aside.

We will also partner with you for a very thorough walk-through of your home so you can show us what you currently like, what’s working or not, and what pieces are important to you; all the while, taking a mental inventory of your lighting, space configuration, accessories and organizational needs.

We compile all that we’ve learned about you and your style, and then the fun begins! We bring you color palettes, product samples, paint colors, furniture choices and accessory ideas all based on YOUR style, lifestyle, wants and desires.

The goal of every project we undertake is to create a design that enhances the client’s lifestyle, their personality and the beauty of their home. We do this through thoughtful interior design, but it is so much more than just design. We get to know our clients like friends or family. We listen carefully. We work with the concerns they have about their current home. We respect what they value and what pieces may have emotional meaning to them. We mesh ideas from different family members. We make the process work in a way that releases concerns about the end result and any fears about the process.

Understanding your style will benefit you over time in so many ways. When we know your core style, we are more likely to make smart choices that will last. The colors, chosen accessories and style of furniture can be refreshed or re-purposed without a large investment. When at the beginning of the process you choose quality anchor pieces that reflect your style, these items can carry you through when it comes time to freshen up the space, resulting in a savings of time and money.

Our goal for your project is to not only give you the space you’ve always wanted, but also to let your unique style show through. Imagine falling in love with your home all over again. We want you to enjoy the quality of life you deserve. We want your home to bring you joy. We know we’ve done our job when you come home from work, happy to be in a home you love.

About the author: Loren Reid Seaman is the owner of LRS Interiors with a 3,500 square foot showroom in Lake Zurich. By mentioning that you learned about Loren in SW Lake Lifestyle, readers are eligible for a 1-Hour complimentary consultation. Learn more at or call 847.550.6363.

  • Grass cloth, large-scaled artwork and a stylish writing desk give new purpose to a room.
  • Drapery continued past a bay window onto the wall expands the feel of a room.
  • Floor to ceiling along with varying heights add interest when accessorizing.
  • Placing furniture on an angle creates new views and flow to a room.
  • Iin this trio two accessories are a set with a third added for texture and interest.
  • Neutrals with a mix of texture add warmth and richness.
  • Statement accessories lend a helping hand to any design.
  • Artwork centers the pallet on this fireplace along with rich wall color.
  • Pops of color in the dining chairs and artwork beautifully update a dining table.