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What's Your Style of Pizza?

While every business does not fit our magazine, we search exclusively for the best of the best!! Our Publisher's favorite food is pizza.  Blue moon has fresh handmade pizza and offers curbside to go as well as online ordering. What are you waiting for? Visit them at 4600 West Village Place, Smyrna, GA 30080 or call 770.436.4446 to order ahead. They are taking extra precautions to keep you safe while enjoying some really good pizza. 

The Dough – Made fresh each day. Hand-rolled, hand-tossed, and hand-stretched for each pizza order. A real labor of love, this dough is brushed with extra virgin olive oil and finished with a pinch of salt & pepper on the crust. It’s crust that’s so good, you’ll enjoy it to the very last bite.

The Sauce – Made with rich red California Stanislaus™ plum tomatoes that are fresh and never cooked, just mixed, until it’s placed atop your pizza. We add our own Blue Moon blend of herbs and spices, and it all comes together in a medley your Grandmother would be proud of!

The Cheese – Wisconsin’s own Grande™. The very best pizza cheese on the market and the only cheese we’ve ever used. The creamy, buttery taste of the mozzarella and the bold flavor from the provolone fuse perfectly with the ingredients that accompany it.

The Toppings – Everything is as fresh as it gets. Our produce is delivered fresh every day. Our ripe vegetables are individually selected then hand-chopped, and our high-quality meats are cooked fresh daily.

“When my family goes out for pizza, there’s only one place on our mind: Blue Moon! Not to mention the best kept secret for pizza at home is Blue Moon’s Take-n-Bake pizza.”

John Smoltz
2015 Hall of Famer & former Atlanta Brave

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