When Art Meets Exercise

Artist Yvonne Claveloux Teams Up with CLUBSWEAT

Target and Lilly Pulitzer, Vineyard Vines and Crocs, Uber and Spotify. Is there anything as exciting as when two brands you love join forces and all of a sudden have an amazing product that you absolutely can’t live without? Athletic apparel is more functional than fun, so adding a designer to the mix, who makes leggings and wicking-fabric apparel more than mono-tonal, adds a bit of glamour to one’s sweat session.

Yvonne Claveloux, a primarily self-trained artist who grew up in Westport, is teaming up with CLUBSWEAT, a boutique fitness studio specializing in elliptical workouts and owned by Laura Sabia, to offer athletic apparel inspired by the CLUBSWEAT logo.

Yvonne’s bright, energetic work compliments the fun cardio routines. Both the studio and the athletic wear are unique, and having both of them local makes the collaboration even more special.

We caught up with both of them to learn more.

Describe your business in three words.

Yvonne Claveloux (YC): Colorful, Creative and Joyful

Laura Sabia (LS): Fun, Energizing, Community-oriented 

What do you love most about being a business owner?

YC: I love the freedom and flexibility of being a business owner, and it's so satisfying to see my work bring joy to my client's lives.

LS: It allows me to be a workaholic by choice but also make a real difference in people's lives. We have built such a large team and each person's contributions to the studios and the community make a difference in creating a healthier community for everyone that comes through our studio doors. 

How do you balance your time as an entrepreneur?  

YC: Every day is different for me, but generally includes activities such as deliveries to and discussions with galleries, photo shoots for art and products, meetings with clients for commissions, planning my content for social media and preparing for exhibitions. Since my days can become busy quickly, I like to start very early in my studio. I enjoy the quiet and creative time, and it allows me to focus on my artwork with no distractions.

LS: I have to delegate. There are only so many hours in the day and prioritizing tasks and having strong time management have become a necessary evil. I would love nothing more than to be the point person on every project and be at every milestone celebration but it becomes impossible when you have to make sure that everything is running like a well-oiled machine. 

What does community mean to you? 

YC: To me, community means a feeling of belonging. It is about relationships with individuals that collectively can make a change or care for each other. My husband and I both grew up in Westport and we raised our two daughters here, so our roots are deep and we feel very fortunate to be part of the fabric of our town. I also really love to give back by supporting local organizations through the donation of my artwork.

LS: When people form connections due to having a similar interest and form friendships based on that shared interest. With fitness, this can be when people are working towards a common goal. I love that our studios have formed friendships outside of our studio walls and helped to create a healthy space for people to live happier lives because they feel good about themselves. Westport is such a special place to me since I opened my first business here in 2013. The community made me feel welcomed with open arms and we have been able to organically grow based on the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Where did you draw inspiration from your collaboration piece with CLUBSWEAT? 

YC: My artwork for CLUBSWEAT was inspired by their logo, which is a drop of sweat. I used my style of different shapes and stripes along with CLUBSWEAT's blue and gray tones to bring their brand to life in a creative and artistic way.

Can we expect more collaborations in the future? 

YC: I am excited about some upcoming projects and collaborations that will feature my artwork on more products!

LS: Absolutely! Aside from the painting in the lobby, Yvonne developed a custom yoga mat that has our branding with Yvonne's artwork. We also have a cropped sports bra with her art and water bottles as well. We are working with some great athleisure brands and at-home products to deliver our live stream and on-demand services more seamlessly to stream right into people's living rooms. More to come in 2023! 





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