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When HELP Can't Wait

Hear how CSRA Care Partners is giving back this month and how you can help

Are you looking for a great way to give back to the community this month? Or simply wanting the peace of mind knowing that your loved ones are safe? During the month of August, CSRA Care Partners wants to give back and help keep people safe. CSRA Care Partners is donating $50 to When HELP Can’t Wait for every Electronic Caregiver device sold. The Electronic Caregiver devices are wearable pendants that with the push of a button you can call for help. Their call center is available 24/7 so you can have the help you need when it matters most.

“There are functions on our devices you won’t find anywhere else,” says Marcia Bailey, a Care Partner with CSRA Care Partners. Not only does the device call for help and detect falls, it can also check in on you to make sure you are okay. “For example, if someone went into a diabetic coma, no one would know for hours. You can set yours up to check in on you multiple times a day. If you are not responding, they will call you and then your emergency contacts. If they can’t get a hold of you, they call for help,” says Marcia. You can also set up medication reminders with Electronic Caregiver. “With these functions, it helps our customers live longer,” says Marcia. 

So who all could benefit from using Electronic Caregiver? Well, everyone! Most common is the elderly and those who are prone to falls, but surprisingly a lot of young women use Electronic Caregiver as well. Young women choose to wear them for added security when going on runs or walks. “You don’t have to be so worried when you’re out by yourself with the Electronic Caregiver. Lots of young women like to use them because they are afraid of attacks while out running. They know that with this, they aren’t alone. We even have someone who has called for help with hers because she was out running and was attacked by a dog,” says Marcia.

Marcia first started with Electronic Caregiver after her husband was walking their property in Harlem and had a stroke. He laid outside in a field for hours. Marcia was out of town and nobody found him until later that evening. He was transported to the hospital but was not able to receive the medicine that could reverse the side effects of a stroke in time. “If I can prevent that from happening to just one person,” says Marcia. “It’s the ultimate anti-aging device. When someone has a stroke, without immediate medical attention, it can age that person twenty years in just one day,” says Marcia.

Marcia was introduced to When HELP Can’t Wait by Abbie Baumann from Overhead Door of Augusta, who is also a Board Member with When HELP Can’t Wait. “They are a non-profit and they supply needs to the local nursing homes,” says Abbie. When HELP Can’t Wait has a stock supply of things like diapers, toiletries, clothes, and other necessities for these local nursing homes. When you are checked into a nursing home, you have to supply all of your clothes and toiletries. Some of the people don’t have families to bring them those items. Any nursing home can come to When HELP Can’t Wait and shop for necessities at the thrift store with no charge. They also have volunteers that visit nursing homes and will sit with the residents, paint their nails, do their hair, and even read to them. Anyone can shop at their thrift store and all the proceeds are used to fund the supplies they bring to the nursing homes.

For more information or to purchase an Electronic Caregiver device, call 706-564-8367 or email You can also find them on Facebook at CSRA Care Partners. For more information on how you can help When HELP Can’t Wait, visit