When Life Gives You Lemons, Decorate

Design your home with these favorite lemon decor finds

There is always something timeless and inspiring when you decorate and design with lemons. During the end of the winter month of March I am ready to start preparing my home with this classic of spring. Regardless of how innovative a designer may be, there are certain classic prints that never go out of style: plaid, stripes, florals, and lemons. Here are a few of my favorite finds to inspire you to "squeeze" some new style and design into your home. 


Lemon & Mixed Greenery All Seasons Spring Summer Mantel Garland Table Runner from Darby Creek Trading  is handcrafted by their in-house floral design team custom when you order. Packed full of fresh looking foliage and lemon that will liven up any space, their Lemon Citrus Artificial All Seasons Greenery Mantle Garland Table Runner can make for the perfect spring season accent! $129.00 darbycreektrading.com


Exclusive Lemons Organic-Cotton Percale Bedding from Garnet Hill. This refreshing original print features big, bold painterly lemons printed on a white ground of soft organic cotton. Bright and iconic, lemony prints are on trend and a popular way to add a pop of color to your home this spring season. $39.00 - $169.00 garnethill.com

Wall -

The Goodies Wallpapers is all about combination of interior design passion and producing stunning prints of the highest quality materials that will look beautiful in your home.  This Lemon tree wallpaper, is removable. Easy stick, completely removable, matte fabric. You can easily hang it by yourself with or with a little help of other person.  You can stick the mural on any flat surfaces (also furniture, household articles etc.) also in the humid places. $22.75 - $195.16 https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheGoodiesWallpapers

Foyer/Entry -

The All-In-One Citrus Tree for Every Home. What a beautiful addition to a foyer, entryway or patio in the warmer months.  Can I grow it? YES, YOU CAN! The Meyer Lemon Tree has remarkable cold and heat tolerance so anyone in the country can grow it – if your winters get cold, simply bring your Meyer Lemon Tree indoors for the winter. Their trees max out at around 8 feet so you don’t have to worry about them out-growing your space. And when you bring it indoors, you can enjoy the jasmine-citrus fragrance throughout those long winter months. If your sun exposure or growing conditions are less than ideal, they recommend you start with one of our larger trees. They're already at a heavy fruiting size, with well-developed branching structures. Some of these trees have been grown for up to 4-5 years and have fruited for several seasons. $159.00 fastgrowingtrees.com

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