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When Planning Makes Sense

With the outbreak of the current pandemic we have all become acutely aware of our own mortality.  COVID reminds us that life is uncertain and unforeseen situations can strike anyone, at any time.  Do not let unfortunate circumstances render your family unable to care for its affairs.  You have worked many years to build your family’s estate and you want your wealth and assets to be protected should you be left incapacitated or unable to deal with your investments, real estate holdings, or any other financial, personal, or real property issues that may arise. 

Estate Planning is an important tool that can help put you and your family at ease should an accident, injury, illness or death occur in the family.  A good Estate Planner will prepare planning documents for a set flat rate and draft general or specific Powers of Attorney that permit a designated Agent to stand in for you and direct your affairs should you be unable. Together, you will prepare your Health Care Directives to allow you to dictate how you want your medical care provided should you become incapacitated. And the use of Trusts and /or Last Wills & Testaments ensure that your estate benefits those people you care about most.

In addition to your Estate Planning needs, Gibbs Tillery has assisted both start-up and established businesses with everything from business agreements between members or shareholders, intellectual property protection such as trademark registration, and the drafting of almost any type of contract your business may need whether it is with your employees, clients, vendors, investors, or licensees.  We can defend your business in litigation and prosecute any claims you may have against another company and handle your appellate matters.   We are as comfortable in the Courtroom as we are in the Boardroom.

We are also here to help you navigate through some of the most stressful family issues you face whether it concerns divorce, child custody, alimony, child support, pre and post-nuptial agreements, guardianships and adoption.