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When Waves Crash

Kelsi Mathews holds her community with gentle hands

“I’m here for the heavy,” shares the stylish Broomfield native. Kelsi Mathews loves letting people unburden themselves, and tells them, “Lay it on me!” As the owner, funeral director, and embalmer of In Memoriam Funeral Parlour and Crematory, Kelsi gets plenty of opportunities to hold weighty burdens for others. Instead of shying away from loss, Kelsi and her husband, Santiago, see death as a part of life: a part that must be met with tenderness, compassion, and comfort. Being one of the few female owners in the funerary industry, Kelsi uniquely offers those qualities. The mother of two radiates peace and affection when talking about her clients. Kelsi clearly loves serving her neighbors during times of grief and sees it as her life’s calling. “It’s what I eat, breathe and live. I was put here for this!” Kelsi declares. 

People hold the dearest place in Mrs. Mathews’ life, and she believes understanding others’ stories is vital. “I love knowing why they are the way they are and especially how they met their significant other!” Kelsi met her own husband, who hails from Argentina, while in Mortuary Science school. Being fascinated by the TV series CSI, she initially pursued crime scene investigation. However, when an opportunity came up to be closer to home and earn a Mortuary Science degree, Kelsi took it. She began funeral directing for a small, family-owned company at age 20.  When a large corporation bought the funeral home Kelsi decided to open her own shop. Helping each individual feel like their only client motivates the Mathews to press through the challenges of owning a business.

Though balancing work and family stretches all parents, the Mathews excel at passing on their values to their two children. Lola (8) and Antonio (4) see each client as a unique person and seem to be as comfortable around death as they are playing on a beach. Luckily, their grandparents live near beaches around the globe. While visiting one grandmother in Playa del Carmen, Lola and Antonio run their own ice cream stand, fully in Spanish. Kelsi herself navigates Spanish well, though Santiago assists most of their Spanish-speaking families at the funeral home. Kelsi’s language facility and her love of oceans might entice her to move to Uruguay someday. However, her other passion, coffee, would draw her to Seattle. So whether you’re in the mood for some laughs over a cup of hot Starbucks, or need compassionate care while grieving the loss of a loved one, you’ll be delighted by what you find in Kelsi Mathews.



Did you know:

“I’m not that serious!” Her friends love her witty humor.

TV Show:

Arrested Development (for the twelfth time).

Best "how you met" story:

“A flight attendant meeting a pilot. I think it’s superbly romantic!”