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Ashley & Milo, Bridgewater

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Good Dog!

In Our World, All Dogs Are Winners. Meet More of Our Pet Contest Entrants.

Gaze into your dog’s eyes and you can see forever. There is compassion, love, whimsy and mischief. Dogs are true members of our families. They complete us. 

Beyond the companionship, the constant entertainment, the snuggles and kisses, there are true health benefits to owning a dog. They help our kids with their emotional and social development, get us outdoors and moving and relieve stress and anxiety. With their unconditional love, dogs are deft at combating loneliness. 

Studies have shown that owning a dog can improve your cardiovascular health. Just petting a pup can lower your blood pressure and heart rate, slow your breathing and relax your muscles. And dogs help you form stronger attachments to other people, and thus make you feel more connected to your community. 

And what about gazing into your fur baby’s eyes? Yes, research has shown that raises your level of the “love hormone” oxytocin, boosting your mood. 

Now that the votes for the 2023 Doggie Cover Model Contest have been tallied, we felt we should honor the worthy runners up that bring their families so much joy, good health and companionship. 

Interested in adding a pet to your family? Consider adoption. Visit the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter to find your newest family member who is there waiting for you, looking for its forever home:

  • Ashley & Milo, Bridgewater
  • Clyde, Martinsville
  • Hawk, Bridgewater
  • Kona, Bridgewater
  • Louie, Hillsborough
  • Maggie Rue, Somerville
  • Simba, Bridgewater
  • Tate, Somerville
  • Tessa, Bridgewater