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Melinda Burkhead's vision comes to life at the Burkhead Art Center

The Burkhead Art Center (BAC) is set on a serene, wooded property in the heart of Snohomish County. The Center stands as a vibrant hub where aspiring artists cultivate their talents, explore diverse mediums, and ignite their imaginations. Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a landscape of sculptures, a thoughtfully placed labyrinth, the sounds of nature, and an invitation to create and be exposed to art. 

Behind the magic and vision of BAC, is Melinda Burkhead, whose life’s mission is to experience art and sculpture. In addition to being an accomplished sculptor, Melinda holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology and Sociology from the University of Washington and a Master’s Degree of Fine Arts. She previously owned and operated a children’s art center, a coffee shop, and a childcare center. The BAC is a culmination of Melinda’s passion, background, and experience.

When Melinda and her husband Craig discovered the property that is now the home of the BAC, Melinda felt an immediate resonance with the surroundings; that she is a steward of the land and that it is not only for her but for her to provide a way for others to experience the arts. “This land has the bones that I was looking for, and I really get to put my own signature on it.” Melinda shared. The Center, the large green building with classrooms throughout, features spaces dedicated to ceramics, painting, jewelry making, and welding, and has room to expand offerings as interests from students, artists, and prospective students arise. A space where Melinda’s vision can continue to grow and evolve.

When asked about her mission and vision for BAC, Melinda speaks with passion and excitement. “I actually had it built into my mission to support local artists and give them a place to make art, to teach, and to exhibit their work…” She envisions BAC as a meeting space for like-minded creatives to collaborate and be part of a growing artist community. Something she has found value and meaning in throughout her artistic career.

Melinda grew up in the Pacific Northwest but wasn’t exposed to the value art brings until she was in college. She continues to see a need for earlier exposure to the arts. “My intention for this space is to be somewhere that people can come and both experience and create their own art. I love when people come out to see the art and get inspired.” Melinda talks about her plans for the Center and shares that the five-acre property will soon become a sculpture garden where Pacific Northwest sculptors can exhibit their work and a destination to explore, get inspiration, and build community.

With the recent opening of the Burkhead Fine Art Gallery earlier this year and upcoming plans to expand the sculpture garden, Melinda’s vision continues to come to life, cultivating the artist community she is so inspired to serve and creating a space for artists and art lovers to spend time surrounded by nature and beautiful art. The Burkhead Art Gallery was recently accepted into the prestigious Seattle Art Fair, taking place July 25-28th. 

Upcoming events include recurring art class offerings, monthly Raku demonstrations, Fireside Chats with Local Artists, and Adult Summer Camp: Hands-on Art Retreat. Visit for the latest classes, events, and opportunities to connect with Melinda and her team at BAC. 

"This land has the bones that I was looking for."~ Melinda