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Venice Jetty

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Where in Venice (or on Earth) is Your Favorite Nature Spot?

In Honor of Earth Day (April 22) Community Members Suggest Ways to Safeguard Their Fav Spots On Our Planet.

Ray Fiume, Owner, Big Bam eBikes (

The Laurel Highland mountains in Western PA, where I grew up, has the cleanest streams and the most beautiful maple and oak trees. The autumn colors are beyond words!

Safekeeping: Slow down or stop residential expansion in pristine areas and make more of those areas designated state parks.

Sherry Simmons, Co-Owner, Team Us Carpet Care (

Maegan's Bay in St. Thomas Virgin Islands.

Safekeeping:  Don’t litter, join or create a clean-up crew, clean up after your pets, ask the powers that be for more trash cans, and plant more trees. 

Karla Blake, Medicare Specialist (

Venice’s South Jetty at sunset is where I can really appreciate the beauty of nature. 

Safekeeping: Don’t leave things behind, whether that’s trash or, now that pets are allowed… And fishermen, please don’t leave fishhooks behind!  

Tony Maggio, Vice President, Reflections in Gold (

Out on the water by stump pass in Englewood; I grew up going there all the time. 

Safekeeping: Don’t just not litter - pick up any trash you see on the ground. I learned that from a book about Walt Disney - he had all his employees pick up trash as they worked at the parks.

Emily Leinfuss, Managing Editor (

Selby Gardens is a total gem, right here in Sarasota County

Safekeeping: I believe in overall eco-living like: reusable, not plastic water bottles; LED light bulbs; sustainably and/or locally-sourced food; and chemical-free products at home and in the garden. 

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