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Beautiful, peaceful spaces for entertaining with Mercato Interiors

As the leaves start to turn and the air takes on a crisp chill, there's something magical about the arrival of fall. Many of us are beginning to pull out our scarves and favorite autumn-themed decor to cozy up our spaces; many may even start planning holiday get-togethers and “Friendsgivings.”

We explored how local business Mercato Interiors is reimagining the art of creating cozy, entertaining spaces for the autumn season. While each individual has a different approach to design from different angles, Mercato Interiors shares a common goal with each of its clients: to curate inviting and tranquil environments that capture the essence of chic warmth and hospitality year-round.

Founded by Las Vegas natives Liz and Robert Werner, Mercato Interiors has been a key player in the city's fine home furnishings industry for more than 16 years. Their journey in the industry has led them to understand the community and the dynamic luxury furniture market. As owners of Mercato Interiors, they offer an unmatched selection of quality products and top-notch customer service.

With the motto "The Fusion of Luxury and Design," Mercato Interiors creates spaces that are not just aesthetically pleasing but also deeply comforting. As autumn welcomes in a desire for warmth, peace, and coziness, Liz Werner, the owner, emphasizes the importance of customization:

“Peace is such a personal state of being, which is why it is so beneficial for people to customize their surroundings to create what brings peace to them. Peace to some could be the hustle and bustle of the big city, while, for others, it could be a secluded log cabin in the woods. Our wide variety of high-quality products and expert design team create a combination that enables any sense of peace to be discovered, customized, and personalized to the utmost level.”

Mercato Interiors excels in transforming spaces into eye-catching entertainment spaces. The perfect gathering requires more than just furnishings – it's about creating an ambiance that evokes feelings of togetherness and comfort. From luxurious seating arrangements to carefully selected lighting that casts a warm glow, the showroom offers a spectrum of possibilities for crafting the perfect get-together. As the temperature drops outside, Mercato Interiors invites you to bring the warmth indoors, creating sophisticated and welcoming spaces.

The company offers a distinct yet harmonious approach to creating inviting spaces for entertaining, no matter your taste. Whether you're drawn to the grandeur of lavish design or the holistic embrace of intentional spaces, Mercato Interiors provides unique options to prepare your space for celebrating the joys of fall — and year-round.

Imagine a scene: a luxurious sofa adorned with plush throws, bathed in the soft glow of golden lighting, surrounded by carefully curated decor that pays homage to the season. This is the magic that Mercato Interiors brings to life.

Many of us often move at a rapid pace; the change of the season offers us a chance to slow down, gather, and appreciate the simple joys and comfort of gathering together. Mercato Interiors provides the vision and design know-how to help you transform your space into one of warmth, connection, and luxury.

Many of us are beginning to pull out our scarves and favorite autumn-themed decor to cozy up our spaces; many may even start planning holiday get-togethers and “Friendsgivings.”

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