Where Will You Pede-GO?

This is the story of how Bill and Carla Sauerwein are changing lives with Pedego Electric bikes.

As Vince Weber, age 73, was planning his dream RV vacation, D'Anne Weber, age 67,  was researching bikes for the trip. "From the minute I got on the Pedego Boomerang, I couldn't stop smiling," said D'Anne. "I felt like a 10-year-old." The Webers have wonderful stories of their many biking adventures. "We rode through Glacier National Park past the long line of cars waiting to get in the park. We met many bikers In Sturgis, South Dakota," said D'Anne. "The scariest adventure for us was riding The Route of the Hiawatha trail that runs through Idaho and Montana." The 15-mile-long trail has ten completely dark tunnels, one 1.8 miles long, and seven sky-high trestles. It is one of the country's 15 "Hall of Fame" bike trails. 

Steve Lanni and Abby Arp are active military - emphasizing ACTIVE. When not on military duty, the couple looks for new ways to stay active outdoors. When the West Point grads decided to take a trip out west to celebrate their 15th wedding anniversary, they knew the perfect gifts to give each other. "We wanted matching electric bikes, so we did our research and decided to visit Pedego in St. Louis. Bill and Carla took the time to help us find the perfect bikes. We spend as much time as we can on our Pedego Element bikes," said Steve. "I love my bike so much that I named it Zoomy. Naturally, Steve decided to name his Vroomy," said Amy. The couple recently purchased a larger RV primarily to give plenty of room for Zoomy and Vroomy.

"When Damian Pritchard retired as a teacher from North Glendale Elementary, he started working at Fleet Feet in South County. "I ride my bike to work, to the grocery store - everywhere a car would go," said Damian. "The technology allows me to travel long distances and arrive looking like I just stepped out of a car. I'm an avid cyclist, so this bike needed to look and feel like a traditional bike. Now that I own a Pedego Avenue Commuter bike, there is not one day that I'm not on it. Rain, snow, or sunshine - I ride at least 20 miles every day."

One of Bill's first jobs was assembling bikes in the stockroom at J.C. Penny, and Carla received a bike as a graduation gift from nursing school. It's interesting to think about how life creates a path that cycles back to small beginnings. This is the story of how Bill and Carla Sauerwein are making big strides to change lives as the owners of Pedego Electric Bike St. Louis.

After 30 years as an attorney, Bill Sauerwein began searching for an encore career. "Being a lawyer was very rewarding, but it was time for another challenge," stated Bill. "I wanted to hit the refresh button and do something completely different." 

"I knew Bill wanted to make a change," said Carla. "He took a lot of time thinking about what he wanted to do next. Opening up a Pedego Bike store checked all the boxes."

 "I wanted to find a business that would provide a good quality of life," stated Bill. "I wanted the business to be something that Carla and I could do together, and I wanted to cater to a customer base of people our age. I knew I wanted to do something that allowed me to be outside and promote a healthy lifestyle. I also wanted to start a business that utilized an emerging technology." 

"It's surprising how seamlessly our prior professions translated into owning a bike shop," said Bill. "My law practice was based on building relationships and trust, giving good advice, and solving problems. As a Pedego Bike shop owner, people seek advice and consultation about these bikes and have questions about how they can change their life."

A former pediatric nurse, Carla, describes the bikes' physical, mental, and social health benefits. "Cycling improves muscle strength and balance, which is important as we age. We have customers who haven't been on a bike in 30 years, and this technology allows them to get outside and enjoy life," said Carla. "Customers tell us this is their antidepressant. They share stories about where they ride, how far they go, and how they can do things they never thought they'd be able to do. We hear transformational stories about how much weight they've lost and how their health conditions have improved since they purchased their bike."

Before opening Pedego Bike in June 2019, Bill and Carla were avid road bike cyclists. "Cycling is one of the best ways to stay fit," said Bill. "Until you try one, you can't imagine how much Electric Assist Bicycles ride like a regular bike. It's still cycling with the added benefit of pedal assist. Pedal as much as you want and then use the technology when you need a little help getting over a hill or going long distances." 

Pedego's electric bike technology convinced Bill and Carla to open their store. "Our friend recommended that we try Pedegos on our vacation in Colorado. We spent an entire day riding across mountainous trails without getting completely exhausted. We would have never been able to do that on a traditional bike," said Bill. "After that day, I was convinced of the power of Pedego bikes to change people's lives. These bikes are about having fun and enjoying the outdoors, and it's wonderful to be able to share that with people." 

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"Until you try one, you can't imagine how Electric Assist Bicycles ride like regular bikes. It's cycling with the added benefit of pedal assist."

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