Which Pet Should I Get?

In case you were wondering, Queen Creek's kids give their idea of the best pet.

Brooks, Age 7, horse named Shorty

'Shorty is the best because he's my best friend. He lets me ride him. I loved him since I was zero. He listens good and lets me brush him and braid his hair. He also lets me cuddle whenever I want'

Hailey, Age 11, horse named Cherokee

'My horse Cherokee is the BEST. She makes a bad day better and always greets me with a neigh. She listens to all my stories and gives the best hugs!'

Henry, Age 12, dog named Koda

'Koda is the best dog in the world for many reasons. She is very chill to be with, playful, and makes everyone laugh with her big eyes and facial expressions.'

Jordyn, Age 13, Snake named Ruby 

'She is really cool and super easy to take care of because her cage is low maintenance and you don't always have to hold her.' 

Mila, Age 11, Guinea Pig named Tumnus

She is crazy, silly and goofy but also can relax at times. She can be super talkative and I love her hairstyles!

Tuck, Age 4, Fish named Bluey 

'He likes to eat a lot. He gets to sleep with me in my room every night. He plays peekaboo with me.' 

Kinsley, Age 6, Golden Retriever Puppy named Chloe

'She's so soft. She plays with me and I just love her so much! '

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