Who is That Knoxville Girl?

All-Vol Mama and Content Creator

Tell us about yourself. Who is That Knoxville Girl?

I'm a local Knoxville digital content creator who loves all things food-, beauty- and sports-related. I'm partial to a certain shade of orange. I have a vlogging channel over on YouTube.

What inspired you to start your social media business?

Honestly, I was a new mom, exclusively breastfeeding my newborn and was starving. I loved the idea of having a creative outlet I could share my favorite dishes and place to eat around Knoxville as I was hungry 24/7. I knew I could create a social media business people would love and could relate to through food. 

What do you love most about this city?

I love the variety that Knoxville has to offer: mountains, a wonderful place to raise a family, downtown life, sporting events and some of the best restaurants. I love GameDay on Rocky Top. I love the atmosphere and rich traditions that the city of Knoxville has come Saturdays in the fall. 

Any quotes or mantras you live by?

One of my favorite scriptures is: "I loved you at your darkest." Romans 5:8

What are your favorite Christmas traditions?

My favorite Christmas tradition is watching It's a Wonderful Life and attending all of our church's services. I love putting up our tree and decorating our house. My favorite Christmas cookies are peppermint pinwheels and "buckeyes." 

Since your kids can’t read yet, you can tell us: what are they getting for Christmas this year? 

They're getting Christmas jammies and memberships to Dollywood.

What do you hope Santa will leave for you under the tree? 

I hope Santa leaves me a spa day package for Pure Luxe Spa and Spa Visage! They're my favorite day spas in Knoxville. 

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