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Artists Chris Segre-Lewis / Ed Nash

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Why To Invest In Art

Bennett Gallery Team Shares Benefits Of Art As Long-Term, Reliable Investment

Bennett Galleries houses a distinctive collection of contemporary fine art paintings and sculptures by both established and emerging artists. Curator of Bennett Galleries, Miranda Herrick, assures that customers can choose from a constantly evolving selection of abstract, landscape and figurative works by local, regional and international artists working in all mediums.

"One of the first reasons to invest in art is because you love it and select pieces that bring you joy," Miranda starts, reflecting on her 13 years of working at the gallery. "People secure art to beautify their surroundings and to make their spaces more habitable and pleasing."

Having a genuine passion for art, especially artwork that resonates, can satisfy the yearnings of art collectors. Those who collect art often are known for having a good eye for it and a solid knowledge of the art world, which can give an upper hand when investing in it, sourcing rare finds or identifying limited-edition pieces. 

"There are different levels of collections. In general, a collector is someone who has more than one of a certain type of art or artist. Assisting our customers is mostly an organic process. They describe what they're looking for and we help them find it. Or, if someone is collecting a particular artist, we notify them when we get a piece in from that artist," Miranda explains. 

Some people invest in art, enjoy it at home or at an office to lift their moods, and then sell it at a later date, potentially for a profit.

"If someone is seeking art hoping for a financial boon down the line, it's best to look out for talented, up-and-coming artists whose art will appreciate over time. The gallery had a perfect example of that through artist Anton Weiss. We carried his art for years, then he became what I would call a modern master in art, a bit iconic, but he passed in 2019, so his artwork is finite. Now, it's extremely special to still handle a few of his pieces," Miranda says. 

Miranda adds another reason to invest in art is while other markets may be affected by economic instability, there's likely to be a steady supply of art investors and art for sale. Consider the COVID-19 pandemic. Many other markets were hugely affected during that difficult economic time, but Miranda says the need and desire for art during that same period remained strong. 

Art is a tangible investment to which connections are formed, as opposed to other forms of investment, such as stocks and bonds or consumable collections such as wine. 

Miranda says she's had clients who contact her 10 years after seeing certain art pieces because they can't get them out of their mind and it's still haunting them. "Many times, we can identify the artist and secure a similar, current piece."

She adds because the gallery's team deliberately carries such a variety of art in unusual materials and representing different topics, they usually can assist just about every type of art admirer. 


"One of the main reasons why art is a good investment is because it holds its value over time."

  • Artists Charlotte Terrell / Miranda Herrick
  • Artists Chris Segre-Lewis / Ed Nash
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  • Bennett Galleries Team (left to right): Miranda Herrick, owner Elizabeth Perkins, Melanie Davis
  • Artist Saul Gray-Hildenbrand
  • Artists G Decker J Quigley / RO Gregory
  • Squints by Terra Cottage
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