Why Wait in a Doctor's Office When Clinic Concierge Comes Directly to You?

Welcome to Clinic Concierge, an innovative house call service offering customized health care with highly trained providers.

Clinic Concierge is an idea whose time has come.

The private pay house-call practice started in Dallas last spring. It offers an impressive number of services such as sick visits for all ages, cosmetic injection, travel COVID testing, IV hydration, preop clearance, employment physicals, and more.

Visits can be via Telehealth or in the privacy and relaxed comfort of patients’ own homes, offices, or wherever they choose to schedule it.

Clinic Concierge is the brainchild of co-founders Lauren Payne and Shayla Dunlap.

Both are experienced Nurse Practitioners who had worked in medicine for years.

They saw, first-hand, patients’ needs evolving, specifically around the quality and convenience of care.

“The people we reach value their time and need more of it in their lives,” explains Lauren. “This is one way of giving them more time by making necessary medical experiences more easily accessible.”

The two business partners launched Clinic Concierge last spring, differentiating themselves in an interesting variety of ways.

“Most concierge doctors require some kind of annual, membership fee,” said Lauren. “Now they don’t actually come to you -- the fee just gives you access to see them.”

In the case of Clinic Concierge, there are no such fees. “It’s an a la carte service, designed to be used as needed,” explains Shayla. “And you don’t have to be a member.”

“Another differentiator is that we only come to a client’s home, or where it’s convenient,” added Lauren.

All of Clinic Concierge’s providers are board-certified Family or Pediatric Nurse Practitioners along with highly trained Registered Nurses.

"We don’t even have an actual clinic space – we travel to you.”

Much like the care associated with generational family doctors, medical bags in hand, making house calls, Clinic Concierge is a refreshing throwback wrapped in smart, contemporary techniques.

“We have our kit, supplies, and our backpacks, driving around in our cars and coming directly to patients’ doors ready to help.”

Breathing treatments, injection medication, common prescriptions, vaccines, and more are all available.

The company takes pride in the customized and detailed care they can give to each patient because they have ample time to spend at each concierge visit.

“If you call our phone number it goes to Lauren, and if you email us it goes to me,” says Shayla.

“The booking app on our website is also simple to navigate. No matter how you contact us, you’re always talking directly to a professional health provider.”

While they cover a significant geographically in DFW, the Park Cities is the hub of Clinic Concierge’s business.

“Our primary focus is quality care and convenience, a luxury service that’s tailored to the needs of each patient,” says Shayla. “And they routinely say, ‘Well, that was easy’ a lot,” added Lauren.

“I was just at a patient’s house giving her Botox, and she commented, ‘I haven’t gotten my flu shot yet.’ I told her, ‘I have flu shots here. We can do that now as well.’”

Why sit in a doctor’s office when you can get care from a trained Nurse Practitioner with a treatment plan, and V.I.P. care in your home?

“Our primary focus is quality care and convenience, a luxury service that’s tailored to the needs of each patient,”

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