Wild Valentine: Where Everyone Knows Your Name

Sarah DiCecca and Team Keep Things Fun and Unruly

Coffee & Flowers like PB&J

Coffee shops bring the community together. Flowers bring people joy. It perfectly fits my mission of introducing flowers into people's everyday lives...just like coffee.

Pick Your Own Stem Bar

The stem bar makes flowers accessible–not shrouded behind glass. It entices customers to interact–feel, smell, and touch—to spark a conversation—why are carnations underestimated?

Yummy Savory Oats Bowls

Portsmouth does not need another bakery/coffee shop, so we experiment with creating our version of healthy oat bowls to enjoy any time. Like our flowers, we keep our food simple but unruly.

Creating Blissful Weddings

With weddings, we get to have fun. Since we know many couples from the shop, it is incredible to be a part of their journey. And we work with fantastic venues like Pepperrell Cove, Jimmy’s, and the Langdon House.

Celebrating Customer Love

I came into this as a florist but fell in love with our customers. We know their kids, dogs, and coffee preferences. Woven into their daily lives, we celebrate life’s big and small moments through the joy coffee and flowers bring.

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