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How a Local Business Shows Love to Carmel Through Restoration

What sets Carmel apart from other cities is how much we love supporting local businesses. But much more than that is how businesses pour that love back into the community. Window Consultants of Indiana (WCI) is a shining example of this. 

Unveiling the Window to Carmel

Brett Schubert and his business partner Chris Fox founded WCI in 2020 after long careers in the construction industry. The pair used their expertise to start a business that does everything in-house, including milling and installation.

WCI is different from other window companies because they focus on repairing broken windows rather than replacing them, something uncommon in the industry. They can replace glass, wood rot, and hardware.

“We’ve reverse-engineered over 30 window manufacturers,” Brett said.

Over time, the team has started repairing and replacing doors for customers. “If they have a window or door issue, we can address it with whatever best fits their situation. But the beauty of it is that we are one of the few, if not the only, company out there that can satisfy any issue they have with their windows.” 

WCI shares its expertise in Carmel by offering discounts to local churches and organizations, though they want to incorporate new ways to give back in 2024.

Sustainability in Mind

Many neighborhoods in Carmel don’t allow vinyl siding or windows. Although wood/clad windows are often considered maintenance-free, they still require some maintenance over time. 

“The cladding will often fail with clad windows, and water gets down and rots out the wood under the cladding,” Brett explained. “Restoring your window is a much more cost-effective method than putting in new windows that probably aren’t going to match the originals.”

By opting to repair windows whenever possible, Chris and Brett’s teams can help preserve the original aesthetics and architectural integrity of homes and commercial buildings around Carmel.

The WCI team’s most formidable challenge came when they worked on a Carmel home that had been abandoned for years. Each window had individual panes, and many fell into total disrepair. Through careful work, WCI restored every window in the house, giving the windows another 20 years of life. 

Deferred maintenance is the most significant cause for necessary window repairs, and showing extra love to your home can help prevent costlier replacements down the line.

Collaborating With Customers

For each WCI employee, taking ownership of their work and communicating with customers is critical. “Our installers are phenomenal guys. They take their shoes off inside homes, ask permission to enter rooms, and clean up before they leave.” The extra details showcase the team’s love and respect for the community.

Feedback is paramount at WCI. They use Co-Construct to update homeowners on projects and communicate back and forth with customers. After each project, the team member will complete a walk-through to ensure customers are happy with their experience.

Keeping it Local

In Carmel, supporting local businesses is second nature. Window Consultants of Indiana provides window repair services and gives back to the community 

By repairing broken windows and doors, Brett and Chris’s teams help preserve the original aesthetics of local buildings while preventing costly replacements over time. Their attention to detail and commitment to feedback make them stand out from window replacement companies. 

Brett loves supporting Carmel by eating at Monterey Coastal Cuisine, Bru Burger, Savor, and Bar Louie. In his free time, you'll find him golfing at Brookshire, Plum Creek and Prairie View.

Brett loves supporting Carmel by eating at Monterey Coastal Cuisine, Bru Burger, Savor, and Bar Louie.

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