Wine + Art: A Perfect Pairing

Art has long been associated with wine: throughout history wine has been praised by poets, ancient mythology, historians, artists, and even various religions (thank you Jesus!).  We’ve all heard the phrase the “art of winemaking”, and that may be because the passion, skill and creativity that goes into great wine is similar to the passion we see in art.  Consider that when you pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine, you are entering into the same interactive process with said vintner that might also occur between you and an artist while viewing their painting.  Both require admirable skill and time to create, and both tap into our senses and have the ability to draw us into an experience.  That said, when art and wine collide, we might just find a perfect pairing. 

A wine bottle makes a perfect showcase for an artist. Art is taken out of the confines of a gallery and placed on the table where an intimate meal is being shared. On the flip side, fine art can elevate a brand to “unquestionable quality” simply by the aesthetics of the label.   Baron Philippe de Rothschild is said to be the originator of this idea.  In 1924 Rothschild revolutionized winemaking when he made the decision to commission an artist for a wine label, which was unheard of before. Since then, the trend of wine labels took on a new look and new meaning.

Jaine, a local Woodinville winery, recently launched their first art and wine collaboration, featuring local artist, Caitlin Agnew.  Jaine offers a highly curated collection that showcases only whites and rosés, and the brand is intended to celebrate women with the design focused around a lifestyle, rather than solely about the wine itself.  Who is Jaine? “She creates. She travels. She dreams. She gathers. She lives well. She is Jaine.” 

“I was honored to be chosen for this project,” said Agnew.  “I’m flattered they trusted me and my art to be a reflection of the Jaine brand, and might I add, it’s a brand that I can definitely identify with!” 

Agnew primarily paints large scale abstract florals, and 11 of her paintings now hang on Jaine’s tasting room walls, 6 of which will be labels on upcoming limited edition wine releases. “The Otis family gave me a lot of creative freedom, and the interiors of Jaine’s tasting room and overall brand identity really blended seamlessly with the style of my art.   It all came together beautifully,” said Agnew.    The first label release (pictured on page 1), Blanc de Blanc, launched late summer, and the other 5 labels plan to be released not far behind.  “We are over the moon with how this first collaboration turned out and we’re excited to showcase more collaborations in the near future!” said Bryan Otis, proprietor of Jaine.  “For our first art collaboration, it just so happened to be that Caitlin was close by here in Washington State. That said, while Jaine wines come from Washington State, we find our inspiration and community everywhere.”  

According to Otis, wine and art are a natural pair. “Both are best enjoyed with friends and family, and over time, become even more meaningful to both the artist and audience.” 

Come enjoy the wines and art while they are available! For more info:

Jaine Cottage



Caitlin Agnew (artist)



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