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Wine and Equine

Have wine with a horse at the Equine Social Club!

Laura Martin, a wine lover from California who moved to Tennessee to combine her two passions – charcuterie and horses - did not expect the Equine Social Club to take off quite like it has. She encourages visitors to “get away but stay close with Wine and Equine.” 

Just a short drive from Nashville to Goodlettsville and billed as “Nashville's most unique wine and horse experience, ever,” Wine and Equine's offerings exceed every horse lover’s dreams. 

“It’s super unique,” says Laura. “When I first came up with the idea, I tried to look for something like it and couldn’t find anything at all. It’s definitely a very unique experience and a cool atmosphere with the horses.”

And does one really enjoy the wine and charcuterie with the horses? “The horses have their own trays,” laughs Laura, “with goodies like carrots and biscuits." Human visitors have the traditional charcuterie. "Several cheeses, salami, cucumbers, apricots, berries, crackers, that kind of thing. Those come with wine pairings. I also serve brunch boards if you schedule a brunch - prosciutto, pastries, waffles, more breakfast foods, and of course, cheeses. And breakfast boards come with mimosas.” 

The tastings are private, and Laura reiterates that the location is not a winery but a very special wine-tasting venue. “The wines are from everywhere,” she says. “The locals like that because they’re served different things on return visits.” 

However you choose to experience the farm, “It’s private,” says Laura. “The cost is $60 a person, lasts for about an hour and includes the tasting, the charcuterie boards, the atmosphere, and enjoying a glass of wine with a horse! We open the barn doors and guests are surrounded by gorgeous pasture views and great company.”