Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner

Waldo's Chicken And Beer Comes To Brentwood

In a city known for its hot chicken, Mark Waldo has managed to make quite a name for himself with Waldo’s Chicken and Beer. Fried and rotisserie chicken, wings, frozen margaritas, banana pudding – you name it and Waldo’s serves it, made from scratch every day.

Now, Waldo’s has expanded to Brentwood, where its newest restaurant sits at 7010 Executive Center Drive. Upon entering the store, Brentwood residents are greeted with friendly faces, warm smiles and the mouth-watering aroma of freshly breaded chicken.

“We just love the neighborhood,” Mark explains. “We love the community. We really enjoyed getting to meet everyone who works over here and lives over here. It really feels like they’ve given us a lot of love here on our opening day. You know, whenever we go into a new neighborhood, we really hope our restaurant and our customers and our employees are a positive reflection of the community. We feel like it has been over here.”

First time at Waldo’s and unsure of what to get? No need to stress because the employees love to recommend their favorite menu items.

“If it’s your first time here, tell the folks you’re talking to and watch how fast they give you a good tour of the menu and let you try a couple of different things, 'cause that’s what we’re all about!” Mark explains.

Before there was Waldo’s, there were Two Birds.

Two Birds was located on a college campus in Morgantown, West Virginia, and was a restaurant that served both fried and rotisserie chicken. After discovering that the name Two Birds was already trademarked, Mark and his group of partners decided to rename the restaurant to Waldo’s Chicken and Beer and opened their first Waldo’s location in Germantown in May 2019. It quickly became a favorite among locals and remains so even five years later.

Currently, there are 14 Waldo’s restaurants open and they’re expecting to open 10 more this year. Some of the new locations will be located in new markets, such as Memphis and the Mid-Atlantic, while also expanding in existing markets such as Little Rock. Belle Meade is also on the list that will be getting Waldo’s location this year.

“We’re staying true to what has gotten us where we are right now,” Mark says. “Which is focusing on our food, focusing on our guests, keeping our stores clean, and having a good culture.”

Regardless of which location, the high-quality food and excellent service remain the same. Every location is locally owned and operated, which allows for Mark and his group of partners to be hands-on at the restaurants.

“A good typical day for me is wake up, get the kids to school, get to the restaurant, spend time with my team, work lunch, meet with my folks, work dinner, and really have my hands on the work, side by side with my team, interacting with the guests, interacting with our employees at the store level. That’s where I’m happiest,” Marks admits. “Don’t stick me in a boardroom, don’t stick me in an office. Put me in my restaurant and put me to work.”

Mark appreciates the support the community has shown not only to his newest location, but to Waldo’s locations everywhere.

Regardless of what is ordered, Waldo's Chicken and Beer customers seem delighted. 


“We’re staying true to what has gotten us where we are right now,” Mark Waldo says about Waldo’s Chicken and Beer. “Which is focusing on our food, focusing on our guests, keeping our stores clean, and having a good culture.”

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