Winning Gold in Life and Love

An Exclusive with Michael and Nicole Phelps

He’s the most successful Olympian of all time.

She’s a former beauty queen and marketing executive.

And now the dynamic duo are embarking on a new chapter: growing their nonprofit and their family by welcoming baby boy #4.

Our owner/publisher Nadine Bubeck scored an exclusive sit-down with Michael and Nicole Phelps chatting about all things life, love, and living in the Valley.

Congrats on the baby news! How are you feeling?

A bit scared but only because we witness the everyday craziness of having three boys seven and under- and we’re adding another to the mix... wild!

As blessed boy parents, what are your favorite things about having sons?

We're lucky to have the gift of boys. Society focuses on what women should do for their daughters, but we must also foster our sons and ensure they respect themselves, each other, and women.

As for our guys, Boomer is a daddy’s boy, Beckett is all about mommy, and Maverick is a cuddle bug. We look forward to seeing what #4 is like.

What's your ideal date?

We love playing golf at Silverleaf and enjoy Suns and Cardinals games (when the Ravens come to town- Michael is a big Baltimore fan). Our go-to dinner spots are Steak 44 and Elements.

If you could snag a Galentine’s lunch, where would you and your gal pals go?

Francine or Amelia’s by EAT.

Other than being the most decorated Olympian of all time, does Michael have other secret talents?

Michael is a chef; I send him stuff from Instagram and ask him to cook it. He makes a great chicken parmesan. You can often spot him roaming the aisles at AJs.

When are you the happiest?

We’re homebodies by nature. Home with our family is our happy place.

You're both passionate about supporting those struggling with mental health. Can you provide insight into your mission?

We use our mental health experiences to help others. We did a series called Raising Resilient Kids with Nemours Children’s Health talking with psychologists about common parenting struggles. We also have a social-emotional program for Special Olympic athletes and Boys & Girls Clubs members. It’s incredible to see the impact, especially as our nation's kids recover from the isolation of covid.

As a busy mom, how do you balance work, life, your relationship and kids?

We originally wanted three kids, but life has a way of presenting moments that make us pause, recognize and reassess. We must be flexible and adapt to unexpected life occurrences. We do our best to maintain a sense of normalcy and balance; Michael brings the kids to school in the morning and I pick them up. We prioritize each other and keep our work life separate from our family time. 

How would you describe a typical Saturday “at home with the Phelps?”

Saturdays are kid-focused and soccer-centric so it’s all about the game-day shuffle. We also enjoy spending time in our backyard together.

Nicole, describe Michael in 3 words.

Determined, caring, and big-hearted. People don’t often see Michael’s heart because he’s an insane competitor, but truly, it's made of gold.

Michael, describe Nicole in 3 words.

Passionate, big-hearted, loving and patient. (I couldn't narrow it to three.)

You’ve been together since 2007 after meeting at the ESPY Awards, married in 2016. Any secrets for keeping the spark alive?

We sneak away for work trips and reboot at our place in Cabo.

What was your wedding song?

“Die a Happy Man,” by Thomas Rhett.

Any pet names for one another?

I call Michael "Fluffy" because he called me that a long time ago so I flipped the pet name on him.  

And finally… Do you ever race in the pool?

I've attempted, but Michael physically can't swim at my fastest pace. It’s hard to recognize what Michael has accomplished; in fact, I still read facts about his legacy being the greatest Olympian of all time. Even now, I can't process what he’s achieved, because to me, he will always be just Michael.

The Michael Phelps Foundation provides tools and support for everyone to be comfortable and confident in the water and in life.

Photoshoot Stylist: Shannon Campbell
Hair: Drew Noreen
Make-up: Charlie Green

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