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Winter in Kansas City

A few fun things to do this winter that are also conscious of the health and safety of our community.

The stretch of time between New Year’s Day 2020 and this Thanksgiving has felt like an eternity. Other times, it seems to have flashed by in a matter of seconds. Each day brings a different combination of the same handful of activities: scrolling social media in hopes of landing on some good news, taking a walk with our families after dinner, distanced conversations on a neighbor’s back porch or joining another virtual event hosted on Zoom. 

While this repetition is frustrating at times, it’s crucial to make choices that protect the well-being of those most vulnerable in this pandemic, while also giving ourselves a breath of fresh air by shaking up the monotony. Even for just one hour. So as we move into colder weather, and the time spent indoors will naturally increase, Lifestyle Magazine has brainstormed a few fun things to do that are also conscious of the health and safety of our community. 

Watercolor painting

The uncertainty of 2020 has pushed some to try new things — rollerblading, baking sourdough bread, growing produce in a backyard garden or perhaps redecorating the guest room. If you haven’t found “your thing” yet, or are maybe looking for a new creative outlet, watercolor kits from Carly Rae Studio may be the perfect solution. You can order the kits to be delivered to your home. This is something just you, your partner or the whole family could try one evening. Even if you’re worried you “aren’t creative enough” — local artist Carly Robinson has you covered by providing all necessary supplies in each watercolor kit.  

Staycations (without needing to go too, too far) 

Sometimes a change of scenery is all you need. Explore these options for a staycation that allows you space to reset and unwind. 

  • Crossroads Hotel: This is a great option for those ready to get away but don’t want to have to drive outside of Kansas City limits. Located in the heart of the Crossroads, it has everything you need — plenty of great restaurants within walking distance, beautiful city views and of course, a break from your own home. 

  • Camp Long Creek: In under four hours, you can drive to Camp Long Creek and spend a weekend relaxing by the water. Accommodations include shepherds huts, camp cabins or glamping tents.  

  • Base Camp Humboldt: If glamping is more your style, check out the three rental cabins at Base Camp Humboldt. A scenic opportunity to get your nature-fix and forget where you are for a little while. 

Winter Magic KC 

Get in the holiday spirit, with your family or other loved ones, without having to leave the warm comfort of your car. Winter Magic KC is a mile-long light display through Oakwood Dr. in Swope Park. To participate, purchase tickets (one per car) in advance at The display is open Nov. 2 - Jan. 2 from 5 - 11 p.m. each night. 

Escape room

Whether you enjoy problem solving, are looking for a pleasant distraction or some place to suspend your thoughts for an hour — check out escape rooms, like Breakout KC or Escape Room KC. This is a great activity option for just you and one other person or a small group.