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Wish Me Luck

Jacob Rosen is not an aspiring Film Maker, he is one

The past year has been a whirlwind. It’s brought out the worst and best in people, and then there have been a few amazing souls that sparked something so much more. Enter stage left and let me introduce you to Jakob Rosen. Jakob Rosen is a name that if my gut instinct serves me as well now as in the past, will become a household name before you know it. Jakob’s humble nature and natural ability to see the world in a way that is needed in today’s climate will soon lead him into a place where he will never need to ask people to tell him… WISH ME LUCK.

Jakob told me he aspires to be a filmmaker, which was a perplexing statement, since this young man will be releasing his first feature length film entitled The Perfect Match on September 18th, 2021. The feature was made based off his previously released short film Wish Me Luck. And if that was not enough inspiration, this film when released , will be two days before his 17th birthday. Yes, you heard me correctly.

Jakob is part of our Generation Z and part of the first social generation to have grown up with access to the Internet and portable digital technology. Jakob is not an aspiring filmmaker. HE IS ONE.   Dubbed the digital natives of our time, Jakob is one that learned from an early age that if you want something bad enough, teach yourself. Find the tools and the resources to get it done.

Not only can he call himself a film maker, director, writer, he is a drone pilot and one of the best up and coming photographers around. I asked him what he thinks sets him apart from others and he said, “ I think what sets me apart from others is my young age. Being 16, it is sometimes hard to convince clients that I am the right person for the job, however, I am able to compete with some of the best photographers in the space and my work speaks for itself. I also have worked for many major brands. My favorite type of photography is car photography and I try to do it as much as I can, but my real passion is making movies.” Jakob has received an award for his drone cinematography in 2018. He also had his first ever documentary was shown as a feature in his High School film festival in 2019. (Which was made about the Denver Teacher strike in early 2019) His work has already been featured on the cover of the Lowry Aviator Magazine, and he has  won many photo contests for his photography. Jacob stated that he also hopes to win some awards for The Perfect Match Movie once it is released. 

Starting his passion at the age of eleven, he said it was when he found a love for drones.  “I was flying drones and progressed from there. I learned everything I know about video through uploading a video every day to YouTube, that video being a daily vlog about my life, for almost 2 years straight. I have been working on my photography and cinematography skills for years, and I am still learning as I go. You never stop learning. When he graduates in two years from DSST Byers High School, Jakob plans to take a gap year to see if he can find my his place in the film industry, and to just travel the country and explore. After that year, he plans to either go to NYU or USC for film school. Before that though, Jacob said, “I hope to complete a second feature film that I have already written that is also based here in Colorado, so be on the lookout for that.”

When asked about the making of the film, his team and the people that he couldn’t have done it without Jacob said,”

Our team consists of many people, first and foremost our two lead actors, Mario M Mendez who plays Lucas in the film, and Maddie Steele, who plays Tori. They are our two main love interests in the film. Then we have Sean Callaghan and Evie Kropp, playing Casey and Jen Respectively. They are best friends to Lucas and Tori. There are countless other people who have helped out with this film, however, this is our main group.” 

The idea for The Perfect Match dates back almost 6 years. “On my 11th birthday, when I first got my drone, I decided that I was going to make a feature film. My first attempt at making a feature film was when I was 12, which I quickly realized was not going to be possible at the time. I later re-visited the idea about a year later, but failed again. Fast forward to July of 2020, during the middle of the pandemic, and that is when the perfect match was born. I was working on a project called “Wish Me Luck” with my best friend Mario M Mendez out in Elizabeth, Colorado. After a long day of filming, we went to one of Mario’s neighbors houses to play a game of pool with Mario’s friend Eli. While we were playing pool, Eli’s uncle came downstairs, and he asked us if Mario or I wanted their piano they were trying to get rid of. I told Mario, “You know, I’ve always wanted to burn a piano for a film”. And The Perfect Match was born.”

Jacob continued to explain that he went home right then to write the script along with Mario, and in September of 2020, during the middle of the pandemic, they started production on the film. “ Our original plan was to be done by March of 2021, and to release it in September of 2021. However, we had to completely re-start the film in March due to one of our lead actresses leaving the project. Now, in July of 2021, we are wrapping up on it and starting the editing on it, and plan to premiere the film on September 18th of 2021, almost exactly 6 years after I decided I wanted to make a feature film.”

Jakob believes that this generation is going to change and shape the world forever. “Personally, I want to tell stories that people can relate to, specifically ones that help people get through hard times. Whether that’s a relationship issue or losing a loved one, I want to tell stories to show people that were not as alone as we think we are, and that a lot of the things that happen to us in our lives that we think no one can relate to, actually happen to everyone in some way or another.”

After our non- traditional interview I went to my office and opened my laptop to watch his short Wish Me Luck over and over again. Then I reached out to Jakob again. I just had to ask one more question. I asked,  “What is the most important take away from all of this for you right now?”

He replied, “ I think the most important takeaway from this all is that we did this all by ourselves. Mario and I wrote this together, Mario, Maddie, Sean, and Evie did all of the acting with no training, and I filmed, produced, casted, and edited this all. Oh, and on top of that, this is a zero budget film. We did run a go fund me campaign to raise some money, but that’s about it. I think for what we had access to and our circumstances and the fact that we filmed this all during the middle of a pandemic, I think we crushed this project.”

Scene end, that’s a wrap! Jakob Rosen please take a bow! We look forward to seeing your name in lights!